David Tauben, CDC Guidelines & how the National Pain Strategy Led to Patients Losing Opioid Access

There are “advocates” in the chronic pain community that are working so hard to make you believe t(hat the CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain have nothing to do with the National Pain Strategy because they are working with Stanford to help implement the National Pain Strategy. Here is Dr. David Tauben (a member of PROP who is also at University of Washington) and you can hear the words from his own mouth telling those who are at this meeting that the NPS needed the guidelines. Those detractors who have worked so hard to destroy my reputation, call me a liar, say that I am wrong….you can’t deny video/audio. Here it is. The National Pain Strategy is a huge part of the reason that the chronic pain community of patients have lost access to opioid pain medication for their painful illnesses. It was not the CDC Guidelines. As I have said, “the CDC Guidelines is what happened to us”. Now, for all the supposed “advocates” who have worked so hard to hide this fact…they need to be held accountable and asked why. Why are they lying? Why are they hiding this truth from you? Fact of the matter is, they are not advocates for us, they are here to help implement the strategy, the very reason you lost access to your care. They are advocates for the people who have done this to you.

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  1. As this article states,,their are some with-in our own ranks that are harming us.What many do not understand,,your ,”private,”’ ideation is no longer private.They are watching us,thus any post/comments written that say things like,only this much medicine for this disease,or only this much medicine for this surgery,,,or I don’t think back pain should get any relief,,ANYONE,,including nurses who state to others,,this Doc is giving this medicine to so,so,,you are being watch and heard by those who hate opiates.One person a while back said ,privatley I don’t think anyone,”deserves,” pain meds after surgeries,,When i confronted him on why he thought he had that right, he said ,”I don’t,,its just my personal opinion,,We no-longer have ,private personal opinions under surveillance’s, those who make such comments,,,guess what,,YOUR NOT HELPING US,,U R HURTING US,,by think u have that right to decide who gets what,,u r,,giving them the ammo to torture us..I personally, via 30 years of real world experience, believe its no-one right to decide how much forced physical pain from medical condition anyone should forcible endure via denial of access to effective amounts of effective MEDICINE to truly lessen that physical pain to functionable levels..NONE OF MY BUSINESS WHAT TOM, DICK AND JANE take for their physical pain and NO-ONE ELSES business accept their doctors.MANY MANY TIMES whilst in hospital i hear nurses gossiping about what a doctor was giving another patient in a negative light,,Well guess what,,,all that ,”gossip,” now surgery patients are being denied medicine,,JMO,, everyone should mind their own business,its not your body, thus thee only one to make that decision of what you can or cannot have is the person occupying that body,and their own doctors,,ie adults,kinda my body my right .
    Not only has the USA violated the Nuremburg treaty,,it has violated the U.N.H.R.T,,against torture in the health care setting,,article 3,article12, ,article 25 of the I.B.R.T…,alll basically stating, we have the right to have freedom of our own bodies,.We have the freedom to choose what healthcare/treatment works for us.We have the right to not be torture,or freedom from cruel inhuman degrading treatments,.We have the right to a complete Redress and legal enforceability of this right when state sanctioned by any government entitiy.Furthermore we have the right to charge any government or hired counselor to our government who used his professional status,ie,psychaitrist,to abuse,degrade,medically torture or use of coercive tactic to force treatment/guidlines upon us.Point being,,their are sooo many International violations of treaties going on here,those who have done this to us could face a International Crimnal Court for all these violations,and should,,,jmo,maryw

  2. I want to find to shasta’s video but can’t find it on YouTube

  3. Agreed,,I don’t think some CPP due to medical illness realize how many snakes in the grass their are.,and their are many. times I often speak to fellow CPP’s,and in the mist of our conversation they slip,and say things like,’Well i definitelly don’t think lymes desease requires any essential medical opiates ,or only certain diseases should have access to effective physical pain care.Or,i hear nurses on NPR,saying we give wayyyy to much medicine after surgeries,,next thing we know surgery med’s are restricted..We have a V.A here,Tomah V.A,,all over our papers,”candy land for opiates shut down,”and u see nurse,after nurse commenting on what our vets ,”should have,”,and anyone who stated otherwise was censorred..Again it amazes me alll who think w/out residing in the actual body of those afflicted w/serious physical pain from a medical condition how much meds we should have,and listen sometime whilst your conversing w/other,how many slip and say,,well I don’t believe broken backs require that dose of essential medicine opiates.They are in essence just as bad as PROP/KOLODNY STATING ,”HOW MUCH,” a medically ill person in physical pain should have ,w/out ever residing in that persons’ body.
    There are many violation of International Bill of Right, the U.N.H.R.C.. treaty,,,article 12,,article 12.1,artlicle 3,,basically all legally stating,we have a right to obtain the highest standard of health,we have the right w/OUT discrimnation of any kind to be free from torture,cruel,inhumane treatment.We have the right to NO coercive force treatment,,ie,,which all of Prop/kolodny cdc guideline are.,We have the right to the freedom to control the health of our own body..and as stated above,this gatherings via surveillances is experimentation on all of us,,again illegal in International Treaty law,,Furthermore we have the right to a COMPLETE REDRESS,,, for all these torturous violation of our human right in healthcare..,jmo,,Maryw

  4. This is a Nuremberg Violation, “experimenting” on us without our knowledge or consent. How do we rectify this in what I honestly believe is a worldwide depopulation event?
    I know many that don’t believe this but if you dig deep, it’s not hard to find the plan. World Economic Forum for starters.

    • Totally Agree with you %.
      And we know who they are. They should be shamed off every platform theyre on.

      • I’m thankful that SOMEONE ( CIAAG ) tells the truth and disgusted by the majority that are lying, and have been lying for years and continue to go after Killodny, as if HE’s the only one responsible.
        The Democrats passed the ACA, and that included the NPS. Too many “advocates” are se ANTI Republican that they refuse to see or admit the real killers are THEM. Not pro Republican by any means but Democrats are pure evil.

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