CVS:where working conditions have steadily declined harming workers’ and pt’s health

I found this little gem online. Thank you for this excellent piece.
While media attention might not solve this, the more people are aware of the truth, the easier the fight. State and federal lawmakers must step in.
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  1. No incentive for CVS or any other chains to do otherwise. Aside from the publicity to embarrass them in front of the US public. None of the compromised media will every air anything detrimental to the major chains. They are one of the few advertisers left that back up their propaganda. Boards of Pharmacy whose job to protect the public has been infiltrated throughout the country by associates becoming Board members and pushing through whatever they want for CVS and Walgreens. In addition, government agencies won’t do a damn thing because compromised as well as Congress and Senate. Forget the Administration, like their other useless competitor, they seem to be looking to micromanage and continuing to destroy our country. Not abiding by the Constitution of The Bill of Rights. The only chance is in the Supreme Court and how does #PIZZDOESN’TWORK even get up to the level. It’s quite a dilemma. And aside from a complete tech and RPh walkout nationwide, don’t know anything that will work. Thank you.

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