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Based on the popular movie by the same name, Logan’s Run portrays a futuristic society where citizens are only allowed to live until age 30.

After the holocaust of a nuclear war, a domed city was created to put the remaining humans from the United States into, in hopes that sometime in the future, those humans could once again populate the world. To keep the crop of humas “fresh”, they are only allowed to live until they are 30 years old, where they are terminated and a “replacement”, a genetically created test tube baby is provided, keeping the population constant. Occasionally, a citizen doesn’t want to be terminated and they “run” and try to hide.

Logan is a 26 year old police officer who job is to terminate runners. He is called a Sandman because they put you to sleep…forever. He is given a top secret assignment to try and escape to freedom and find the mythical place called ‘Sanctuary’ which is really just outside the Domed City. Only he is pursued by his former friend, Francis, another Sandman, who doesn’t know of his assignment and attempts to terminate him.

Bringing a new meaning to “you’re fired” ?

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  1. Going! It’s already there. Civilian planes being knocked out of the sky, citizens being stabbed on the street or on busses, people being bombed at houses of worship, heritage sites being destroyed, elected officials arguing with other instead of representing the people who elected them. Need more examples of hell?

  2. this world is going to HELL ….

  3. And if she doesn’t have that darn PharmD, she’s locked out of pretty much anything to do with hospital…..experience doesn’t matter with them either so I have found out and I worked a short time at one several years ago…they won’t hire me now. Non pharmacy won’t hire you because they consider you overqualified no matter how much you beg.

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