CVS pays abt $750/store fine…. WOW !!!

CVS to Pay $650K in Lawsuit Alleging Pharmacies Failed to Provide Consultations

For a company that generates OVER FOUR BILLION PER YEAR IN NET PROFITS… a fine of  650K has to really got to hurt and get their attention ?

Since this whole issue revolves around OBRA 1990… it only takes CA.. nearly a QUARTER OF A CENTURY  to attempt to enforce it.. that leaves forty how many states that seem to not bother to enforce this federal law…

Of course, with CVS.. this could end up like the issue a couple of years ago in NC … where there was a RPH/PIC  that stood up when instructed to break several parts of the practice… the permit holder, RPH/PIC and PDM.. all ended up before the BOP and each got a WARNING LETTER and CVS apparently went back to BUSINESS AS USUAL… ignoring the same parts of the practice act… that they were called before the BOP in the first place.



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  1. Just enough to satisfy the BOP. We all know there arent enough compliance officers to do any follow up. Besides they dont know how to put it in their metrics. In IN its become the “Do you have any questios for the pharmacist” rule which is asked by 99.9% of the techs. Besides most customers arent interested. The ‘fast food’ mentality of fill it now so I can get out asap has been deeply ingrained in patients today. Yet these are the same idiots who throw a fit when their doctor doesnt seem to spend enough time with them.

  2. I guess that’s why they are having the RPh’s do a course about “Effective Patient Care Conversations”. However, I don’t really think that is the real issue here. Pharmacists and technicians are having every last drop being squeezed out of them. Guess what their stock is now $71!

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