CVS Health: A totally abuse of power! A mental and emotional abuse of pharmacists who are trying to keep their head above water

Dear CVS Health , you are the epitome of bullying:

Today, I attended Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy meeting. I would say that our board has been particularly very involved in the discussion of working conditions and was one of the very states to put together a short staffing form which will be updated soon. It is amazing and encouraging.

And the board is asking pharmacists to fill that form and so am I. But I have known for a while that Pharmacists were struggling with the fear of being retaliated against and rightfully so.

And today, I stand here, with a much public disappointment and even disdain of what CVS Health is doing . A totally abuse of power! A mental and emotional abuse of pharmacists who are trying to keep their head above water!

CVS is asking their pharmacists to notify them before they fill the short staffing form. And because they are who they are, they will come back with reasons and excuses to validate this. Or deny it! Don’t worry, it has been very much confirmed!

But please don’t tell me this not a display of bullying and abuse!!!

How do we expect pharmacists to report short staffing, abusive working conditions?

And I know you think that pharmacists don’t have to follow this demand from CVS Health . But just the simple ask from them is enough to kill any hope pharmacists have.

I don’t know what the board plans to do once they get this information ( which has been confirmed).

But let it all be known that this company and its culture is killing our profession and the very essence of freedom we have as practitioners and I hope every pharmacy entity , association , board of pharmacy is putting something in place to protect our voices!!! And we pharmacists who are not affected by this, should all bind together and stand up for our fellow pharmacists, technicians, students and get involved and support our associations and board of pharmacy and be the voices for others!

Let’s get this message out!

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  1. U know,,my pharmacist,,retired,,she wanted nothing to do w/the inhumanity,or the new corporate b.s.,,funny how those 2 entities always seem together,,jmo,maryw

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