Could suicides help the chronic pain community to better pain management ?

I do not support nor encourage someone committing suicide …BUT…. before COVID-19 we had about 50,000/yr suicides and ONE MILLION ATTEMPTS and many claim that suicides have increased since COVID-19 came around in Feb/March.

I know that I am walking out on very far on a ethical limb… but read this entire post and see if you don’t agree with the logic behind it. Recently I made the post below and the title is linked back to the post

call their bluff with a letter from attorney ?

Out of those 50,000 suicides and one million attempts is there a suicide note left behind … which contains a statement as to who is to blame for this person for exercising the “final solution ” to get themselves out their unrelenting pain ?

Look at the chart on the above post of the adverse effects to the human body of under/untreated pain and look at the very last line “INCREASED THOUGHTS OF SUICIDE”.

Following the path that is outlined in the attached post to put those on notice that is involved in reducing/stopping a pt’s pain meds… doesn’t make any difference if it is a prescriber, insurance/PBM company, chain pharmacy if the pt suffers a stroke, heart attack, death or suicide… suicide in particular, could whoever is behind the decision to cut the pt pain meds.. could them be charged with assisting suicide, involuntary manslaughter or some similar charge… Insurance/PBM companies have medical directors and one would think that is where such policies of reducing pt’s pain meds would originate… and thus would they be the one who could be personally held responsible ?

Healthcare corporations have gotten away with cutting/stopping meds because they have no fear of retribution from pts.  Putting these healthcare corporations ON NOTICE with a single certified letter from the pt’s attorney could start the ball rolling.  If someone has committed suicide and left behind a suicide note who they blame..then the pt’s relatives should be able to go to the local prosecutor or state AG and have charges/arrest warrant on the individual who the pt claim was the reason behind the pt’s actions.

This path, the pt’s relatives will not need an attorney, nor have money to hire an attorney, This involves a CRIME… the state’s bureaucracy would do the “heavy lifting”

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  1. […] Could suicides help the chronic pain community to better pain management ? […]

  2. It IS a shame and disgrace upon our “leaders”, the elect, that the pain management community must think along the lines of martyring ones self in order to help others who ARE suffering, once this path is deemed the last “option” in life. Selfless acts are in the nature of selfless thinking people. It doesn’t appear that the “opioid crisis” will ever end until only the sound of body and mind are left. “Sound of mind” just don’t come into thought when I reference MANY of the lawmakers, policy makers though.

  3. .I believe your right ,if jus one filed a lawsuit an won ,maybe that would wake them up and stop the murders of CPP. I dont understand how so many that can be charged but arent are getting away with murder

  4. I often ponder what I might do when my fairly minimal pain meds are taken away –b/c I’ve lost hope that sanity & science will return to the opioid world any time soon. If I do decide I can’t tolerate the untreated pain, i’ve been trying to come up with a way to broadcast far & wide as possible the fact that the OpioNazis (& PROP & willfully ignorant legislators & the uncaring public) are responsible for driving me to it. I have no family left to raise Cain after, so I’ll have to advertise it myself.

    But I know that no matter how I write the note or letter, the overwhelming majority, who’ve been brainwashed by the PROPaganda campaign, will just write me off as a drug addict who killed herself when she lost her high. This thought generates such a wildfire of rage that I can’t even begin to describe it. Maybe it’ll be enough to let me come back from the grave & haunt to death those responsible.

    • love your comment. Especially the part of them writing us off as “drug addicts” Biggest mistake to ever happen was having Politicians get into our Health care! They dont have a clue but i will bet my last dollar everyone of these parasites have there supply of pain meds should the day come that they need them….Good luck to you!

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