Costco hit with lawsuit by former pharmacy technician over prescription drugs, wrongful termination

From the article:

Thomas says he was fired after raising concerns and contacting law enforcement about a string of doctors and questionable prescriptions.

Thomas accuses Costco pharmacy managers of dispensing “excessive narcotic prescriptions to addicted customers,” dismissing Thomas’ concerns and acting to “protect its profits.”

One of those pharmacists, Huong Nguyen, called the DEA. In his lawsuit, Thomas says Costco retaliated against Nguyen for making the calling.

So why would a Costco pharmacy manager allegedly turn a blind eye to questionable prescriptions? One clue might come from a 2002 Drug Topics newsletter for pharmacists. In it, an assistant vice president for Costco pharmacy operations boasts about Costco’s “handsome bonus program” for pharmacy managers. Those bonuses are based, in part, on sales.

According to this technician… there was a focus on personal bonuses by pharmacy management and little attention paid to how early controlled substances were refilled.



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  1. Costco in Florida dispenses fake medications to legitimate customers. Control meds

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