Corrupt Scheme to Monetize Veteran Health Records Uncovered

Corrupt Scheme to Monetize Veteran Health Records Uncovered

Background: FACA Flouted by Associates

“Thanks for your email and especially the thoughts on FACA. The good news is that we have been advised that FACA does not apply because we are not a formal group in any way.”

“The Trio was informed by multiple federal officials that their work constituted an advisory committee, which is subject to the transparency and balance requirements in FACA.”

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Veterans and the Overdose Crisis: White House Appears to Have Been Aware of Issue of Veteran Suicides

AMA 2021 Overdose Epidemic Report[3]

The Poisoning Crisis Continues Unabated

Conclusion: Calls for Greater Transparency

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  1. If this is true, its totally Disgusting. I am sick of politics, both parties are bad. All Corruption and No compassion for anyone, Only Money.
    I really hope the Tide changes soon for All pain patients because this Bullshit has went on for far too long. How in the world can get this much needed change? What can else we do?

  2. …”shaping”…
    Wh’ol lotta shaping going on… …and not just Trumpettes.
    I hope they all go to jail if true. We know the DEMs would like it to be true, but they sometimes make stuff up… ALL Man Rule fails badly.

    No wonder J&J ‘payed the fine” and abandoned the Opiates as they were told. All these want is money first and last.
    Thanks again Dez Nelson.

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