Consequences – collateral damage of “free college for all”

While this might seem like a very good idea.. but it ignores the law of supply and demand…  It is estimated that this “free college for all” will have a price tag of 1.25 TRILLION/yr…  and that is going to add to the national annual deficient and national debt.. since we are taking in 3.2 trillion in taxes and Congress spends 500 billion more than we take in.

I believe that we are at a point in our society and with employers that a person applying for a job with a high school education only is mostly viewed with a YAWN …  National high school graduation rate is around 75%.

About 70% of high school graduates go on to enter a college… Currently just 40% of high school graduates that enter college graduate in FOUR YEARS with a degree

So for every 100 high school graduates … four years later there will be abt 25%-30% new college graduates.

Another 20% will graduate at a total of SIX YEARS in college…  which strongly suggests that college is NOT FOR EVERYONE.

What is going to be the cost for our public colleges to expand facilities/student capacity and how long is it going to take for a equilibrium to be reached… what is going to be the drop out rate after the first 1-2 semesters…  How many billions are going to be expended for students that “go no where” ?

Let’s presume that we have 10%-20% increase in the number of high school graduates getting a college diploma in four years… Many people will BS college degrees are working as a waitress , barista or some other job that really doesn’t require a college degree.
Our daughter is the perfect example of a college degree with no where to go… After getting her BS Psychology degree.. the degree provided no real career path.. it wasn’t until a few years later she obtained her Master in Psychology and became a Family Therapist … opened her private practice and now able to charge clients $120/hr for consulting with her.

There are many vocational jobs that go wanting for people to fulfill them… that may take months or 1-2 yr of training.

Could we be setting up the position that employers will not seriously look at a applicant because they don’t have a college degree in some major… just like today they look at those who don’t have a high school diploma ?

As we all know… when there are many more applicants than available jobs.. salaries/hourly rate tends to fall or remain static for years.

Another “good idea” without full considerations if it will produce good or bad outcomes ?

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  1. I completely agree, Steve. Nothing is every truly “free.” It will cost someone something … and eventually, our government will run out of other people’s money (though I think that happened a long time ago lol), as money does not grow on trees.

  2. What is to happen to thousands of people for whom higher education is just not feasible for reasons other than financial? Are they going to require college to wash dishes,pump gas, or flip burgers? I agree that free education for all sounds nice but when you get something for nothing the value of return loses value. The public school system has already proven that. The more money you throw at it the lower quality the end result. Johnny still can’t spell and now can neither read nor right!

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