Complete government and insurance industry control over healthcare clear now in 2016 HFPP

Complete government and insurance industry control over healthcare clear now in 2016 HFPP

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Doctors of courage, through the freedom of information act, were able to obtain close to 300 pages of information, considered classified and for “insiders” only, concerning the HFPP or Healthcare fraud and prevention partnership designed to address what has been considered the prescription opiate crisis, which was felt to be solely responsible for rising abuse and deaths from opiates. Keep in mind that there is now inequivocal proof that prescription opiates accounted for less than 1% of opiates abused. This was released October 20, 2021 the policies of which the federal government, in conjunction with government agencies, using agencies such as the FBI, DEA, state medical boards have been implicating to control what they called, “fraud, abuse and waste”. Through the enforcement of policies from the “white papers”, which were policies enforced though the Trump administration, through collaboration of Jeff Sessions, Qlarant (a high technology company that uses computer technology to obtain information about patients, doctors and pharmacies without consent violating their ourth amendment rights), the health insurance industry and an organization of physicians, PROP with no formal training in policies being addressed and who are opposed to use of opiates for long term pain management and who’s policies are now being scrutinized by the press.

The white papers utilize the 2016 CDC guidelines on opiate prescribing to justify classifying opiate use as “fraud, abuse and waste” by misinterpreting these guidelines as “laws” set forth by the CDC, which the CDC in it’s July 2021 meeting, which I attended and spoke at, adamantly deny that these were meant to be anything but guidelines. Emphasizing that the ultimate decision was between the doctor and the patient at this meeting. So in retrospect, the Trump administration “strong armed” policy to criminalize use of opiates which they felt was not appropriate. No input from chronic pain groups and organizations like the chronic pain society, the AMA, physicians with respected publications on chronic pain management or certification boards such as the American Academy of Psychiatry and Neurology or the ABEM (American Academy of Emergency Physicians) who provide certification of pain management for physicians. By using the “white paper” guidelines, this gives the government clout to define the misuse of opiates by whatever definition they feel is appropriate. By placing opiate “misuse” under the umbrella of fraud, waste and abuse, this allows for criminalization of prescribing of opiates and leaves physicians, pharmacists and other health care personal criminally liable for any prescribing of opiates for any use. Even medication assisted treatment (MAT) for drug addiction with use of methadone, naloxone or buprenorphine. The white papers are of the opinions that opiates should be used only for MAT, cancer patients but still criminalize use of opiates regardless.

The HFPP partnership includes mainly federal and local government agencies and insurance companies such the blues cross organizations such as Highmark, as well as Humana and Keiser Permanente and many others. No physicians, other healthcare workers, AMA, certification organizations or any other, non-biased well respected Healthcare organization were asked to be in the partnership. Clearly an example of its intention to maintain control of the health, well being of the American public strictly between the government and insurance industry. Including who lives or dies. The HFPP does not limit it’s regulation to opiate use, but it leaves open the definition of “fraud, waste and abuse” to any action they feel compromises their agenda. Which is unequivocally meant to maximize profit for the health insurance industry at the expense of American lives. A recent article published in the New England Journal of Medicine, dated October 28, 2021 emphasized how treatment of chronic disease, the cornerstone of healthcare, has been so compromised that our lifespan has once again fallen. Yet health insurance industry is making record profits, $500 billion in 2020 the highest ever by allowing Americans to get sick by avoiding chronic care and making money off expensive procedures and cancer care. Chronic pain falls under the umbrella of chronic disease and care. Unaddressed chronic disease is the number one cause of chronic pain through facilitation of central pain pathways Which is why the USA leads the world in chronic pain and thus, leading the world in prescribing of opiates.

The HFPP only emphasizes and condones opiate use for pain in cancer pain. They do acknowledge that their is concern in public opinion about “chronic pain’, but are of the opinion that the consequences of use of opiates for chronic pain outweigh the benefits. An opinion without scientific merit. Cancer is a multibillion dollar industry from which health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, Oncologists and large healthcare conglomerations like Keiser and UPMC benefit and make the emphasis of most of their advertising. Cancer is very very very serous, but so are chronic autoimmune disorder, neuromuscular disorders such muscular dystrophies, inherited diseases all of which lead to chronic. Yet, I have always struggled to find resources for these diseases and individuals with these conditions struggle for proper pain management. There has been an increase in suicides in these groups of over 470%. There are between 50 million and 100 million people in chronic pain. At it’s peak before the white papers, the HFPP or the PDMP (Physician drug monitoring program), there were only about 2000 chronic pain doctors to manage these people. Prescribing of prescription opiates has declined lethal levels. Leaving people to resort to reaching for the streets to manage their pain. Chronic pain patients have no choice but to use dangerous drugs which cannot be monitored. Mainly synthetic fentanyl and heroin. This has lead to a massive 1040% increase in misuse, over doses up to 2020. From 2020 – 20221, this has grown another 28%, with over 100,000 over dose deaths. The most ever.

In summary, the government, including the Trump administration purposely compromised the health of the American public, shunned chronic care and allowed pain, suffering and early death for benefit for profit for the health insurance industry. This not only constitutes extremes in inhumane behavior, akin to the Third Reich, but extreme criminal behavior which unlike Germany from 1933 to 1945, affects all citizens without boundaries for class, race or socio-economic status.

Here is the information the government released to us:  Released Records (1).pdf

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