Collateral damage from the war on drugs ?

This post was on another site:
“This is a very sad post. This is a post that could be about any of us here.
I’m heart sick that we are still fighting with people who don’t see what is really happening to us.
I just received a message that a chronic pain sufferer took her life last night (or that is when she was found). This person was not in this particular group….
I can’t give her name at this point. Her partner has asked me to only tell the story for now.
She was a sufferer for a long time. She lost her med’s about 7 months ago. After trying to find help many deemed her a “drug seeker” . So she stopped looking. She lost her job and a lot of other things. Her sister is getting married tonight at midnight and invited her to attend the wedding. She was in a lot of pain, but wanted to go. She got on a bus and after so many hours could not sit there any longer…it was to painful. She got off and went to a motel or place to sleep. They don’t know everything, but they know she woke late and tried to find another bus to get there.
They found her somewhere and the note said something to do with…
I can’t live like this anymore. I’m not a burden. *I want everyone to know there is nothing in my system and I am not craving anything, but to be human…and I’m not allowed.
I really can’t say more at this point. I don’t know everything. I do know that when she called her family to explain they pretty much told her she was being dramatic.
The reason her partner contacted me was to say thank you. The only thing that kept her going was the thought that there are people out there fighting….She was to worn out, in great pain and lost the ability to keep going. The only other thing I know is when she talked to her partner she said “I’m in so much pain I can’t make it home and I can’t make it to the wedding”. She was literally stuck in place she did not know and could not figure out how to get home.
I really don’t think I will hear anything more. They are completely off the computer now. I just hope if they try to say she was an addict that committed suicide from withdrawal OR they just don’t make it sound like she was a drug seeker her partner stands up for her. It’s easy for the jerks out there to make up stuff after a suicide.
This is the reason we fight..”

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  1. Condolences to her partner, family and friends. I suffer from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and couldn’t survive w/out pain meds. I can only imagine the pain and suffering she went through. I hope she is at peace now.

  2. I feel so sorry for her partner, knowing that a loved one is stuck in the middle of heaven and hell every single day they wake-up. Then actually being stuck somewhere in the miles away from family and friends, no one to comfort you and no way to make it back to those people. If anyone has ever asked the question, what would I do if I felt lost? I don’t know if this would be the answer for everyone, but there very well could be a lot of us that the answer would be this very one.
    Pain is killing us off one by one and the bureaucrats are holding the gun. This poor women was denied her pain medication and then labeled as a seeker. This is a crime and I only hope that someone close to her sues that pants off of the doctor who denied her.

  3. She must have felt so lost, and to be traveling not knowing which way to turn would be devastating. I am so sorry for her friends and family. I pray she is in peace and pain free.

  4. Thanks Steve you know we have to deal with and live with the pain levels we have and a lot of times all we talk about is the physical pain that we have to endure not much is talked about the mental damage that is being done to all of us from that pharmacy tech that kind of smiles when they hear a pharmacist denying a patient their medication , to the pharmacist or tech that smiles and smiles until they read your prescription and then treat you like the plague or some junkie begging for handouts . Being forced to take unnecessary urine tests or even taking injections that you know either does not help you or is not worth chancing the dangers for what short time benefits you do get from them . The depression that is caused from chronic pain is bad enough but most of us can deal with it but the hopelessness caused from giving up and not being able to have any kind of hope left and all the time knowing there are treatments out there that can help , This can be unbearable for some of us to deal with …..

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