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  1. Think about this: The war on drugs [usefull medication} started by missionaries pushing their own morals onto human beings with very different cultural values towards medicines started in 1906, this in order to save them from the “Evil” of drugs, it has been a complete and reprehensible failure for many reasons but the number 1 reason in my mind is the Hypocrisy of these moralists pushing their beleifs onto others to the point that human beings are becoming not just collateral damage but sacrificially losing their very lives on the alter of what these moralists push as superior beleifs and they could not be more wrong if they tried. I have much more to say about this but will keep it short.

  2. This is devastating.. I believe there are 44 or 45 precious souls, who are no longer with us, due to pain fear and/or hopelessness. Even the term “collateral damage”, makes heart sink. I am so very afraid of becoming an “unintended consequence”, of this ill advised, unsafe, rapid taper. This actually feels far worse than my chemotherapy, as there was no psychological component to that, there were breaks in between where the body could recover, and hope was a plentiful mainstay. I truly believe that if these terrified doctors really knew how it feels to be tapered, without consent, after more than 20 years… They would not, could not, in good conscious, subject their patients to endure it. That might be giving more credit or assigning more compassion than is actually due, but they are supposed to care for patients and opted to practice the art of healing, because they cared about people, right??? What happened to the oath and first, doing no harm?

  3. Any collateral damage from the war on drugs which is so adversly affecting pain management patients does NOT have any impact upon people, officials such as Jean Fisher Brinkley with the NC State Medical Board whom I have spoken with early into the forced reduction of medication with pain management patients even with 20 plus years of documented benefit and enablement such as being able to remain employed and perform our jobs efficiently. I have written, e-mailed and phoned officials such as Brinkley, Richard Burr, Thom Tillis, and Ted Budd all of NC elect “officials” with the SAME response which was the “war on drugs” MUST prevail. Never mind those of you who have been on a an effective, tailored dosage of opioid medication as the very last alternative to manage continuous, inoperable, incurable, lifetime pain generation through no fault of the patients. It has been the same response over and over again seemingly with ALL representaives of the people with one track minds that ALL opioid pain management “drugs” are bad. Collateral damage means NOTHING to our elect and appointed. NOTHING short of an outright calling to the carpet of these one tracked minded people will make any difference whether we the patients with documented histories of benefit for years and decades with tailored, effective dosages of medication “count” for any reason. It is implanted and embraced that the idea ALL pain management patients that use opioid medications to enable ability even if it enables effectively enough to remain employed makes ANY difference, we are ALL guilty of prescription diversion therefore causing the “opioid crisis” which should be more appropriately called a drug/substance abuse issue causing overdose. The FACT that patients are killing themselves to end the continuous, lifetime torment of endles pain generated form disease, injury, surgery, or even botched surgery does not make the “slightest” difference that the CDC “guideline” enforced by rogue DEA is harming patients’ health and causing suicide. The one track minded belief that all patients effectively pain managed with opioid medication in a personal, tailored, effective dosage backed with documentation for years and decades should be considerd in the collateral damage of the “war on drugs”. Ignorance of facts presneted, numbers and statistics proving that the VERY VAST majority of pain management patients prescribed opioid medications in an effective dosage are diverting OR abusing their only means to manage our lifetime pain.

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