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  1. I’ll be at the Harborview protest rally on January 29th in Seattle there’s a rally in every state on this day so please join the Dont Punish Pain Rally National page on facebook and your state’s local facebook page so you can be apart of helping to banish the false narrative of the opioid crisis. The only crisis I see is the one the chronic pain community is going thru.

    I know for many it’s difficult to leave home to do anything I know im there myself. It’s a two hour drive one way to get to the nearest rally but I’ll be there because its life or death. This is the third rally and there was national media attention so we are being heard but the numbers or low in attendance. We need you there. Everyone including family and friends and those yet to experience the humiliation and pain we and our loved ones have been forced to experience as a result of those guidelines written by the CDC and forced into obedience by the governmen. All are invited to attend.

    Bring a chair bring a sign it’s a two hour rally. Its gonna be a 7 hour ordeal for me but i’m going because I don’t want anyone telling me when i’m crying in pain did I go to the rally? Yeah I went to the last one also. The two hours i can handle it’s the getting there and getting home. I’ll be bedridden for sure at least 3 days but it’s for a worthy and very selfish cause.
    This has got to stop. We need numbers. We number in the millions. If we could just get a million of us across the nation to attend that would be something. Hundreds came out last time. I know how hard and exhausting getting out of bed is getting a shower all that is extra work. Painful as well but it’s only this one thing on this one day for two hours or for as long as you can handle by no more than two hours. Im bringing my Walker and am willing to share and offer transportation to anyone on my route to Seattle from whidbey island because our lives matter. Your quality of life matters to me a well as my own.

    Im begging you to come and be heard and seen help us survive this madness!

  2. great piece…and I’d dearly love to have a version of that list of the effects of untreated pain in a way that I could print it out. (when i tried from this, I ended up with something so small it was unreadable, & when I blew it up it was still unreadable, b/c the print got all mushy). Anyone know where I can find a version that’s equally succinct & to the point? My doc sent me home with a BS powerpoint printout from Jane Ballentyne (!!), I want to have in hand my own printouts next time I see him, which will hopefully be my last.

  3. Tears flood my face as I write the words “BRAVO!”. I cannot imagine a more compassionate way to showcase our plight than the composition I just watched! The words leap from the page, the pictures hurt and the song ripped my soul. Thank you, Bless you, Bill Murray and especially #Don’tPunishPain.

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