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Representatives Bill Foster ( 11th district IL) & Mike Kelly (16th district PA) has introduced an amendment to HR 2470 (Amendment 20) that will require a “unique number” to all pts getting controlled substances.  Don’t we already have a unique number called Social Security, some of us have a unique number as in DRIVER LICENSE… some of us have a unique number as in MEDICARE NUMBER.

It has been shown time and again that our unique number has been stolen, duplicated, forged to use our identity for illicit reasons.

We have three unique identifiers that can’t be stolen, duplicated or forged… it is called facial digital recognition, retina scan, digital finger print.

Here is a system that the FAA/TSA is using for IDing people to help them expedite their getting thru the TSA system and to their plane.

What if our healthcare system adopted such a system to register people within our healthcare system.  First encounter with a healthcare provider. The pt is registered with the system and the unique number is shared with the healthcare system EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system.   The pt is not provided the unique number, but each time a pt goes to a healthcare provider for service.. they use the same type of kiosk to register at the facility.

When the pt registers at the facility, if there is a PMP record on the pt, a report for the previous 12 months would automatically sent to the provider.

No matter who the pt tells the system that they are on the first encounter.. they will ALWAYS be that person in our healthcare system.. no matter what healthcare provider they go to see.

This is probably what Reps Foster & Kelly have in mind.. they are just don’t know what they really want or need…

Federal Reps will only accept correspondence from people in their district… if you are .. or know someone who is in their district…  they need to reach out to convince them that they may have a good idea… just that their implementation is probably won’t work..


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  1. What next? Will the numbers will be tattooed on. Will we be put into camps/hospitals where we are left to die, suffering, praying for the end. This outright attack on the disabled. The extermination of the weak.. This attack on pain patients. No one cares until they are in pain. No one cares until they come for them. Mark my words they will come, they always do…

    • Agree 100 % w/u Ms Chaney,,,they want us gone,,but 1st,,,take all our money!!!!Its Nazi germany all over again,,,w/ a man name Andrew Kolodny as the new Hitler,,,,,,jmo,,,maryw

  2. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, here they go again! I’m telling you,we are not a free, Democratic Republic—-we are a Socialist Government on the road to Communism. I’m getting close to 70 and experiencing things in this nation that make me feel like I’m living in a surreal movie.
    Trump is moving to have Fentanyl classified as a Schedule One drug which means it has no use as a medical necessity and the DEA (read GESTAPO) can arrest you if they find out you possess it. Then the Pentagon and Dept. Of Homeland Security is considering making Fentanyl a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION! And finally, ALL OF THE OPIOID MANUFACTURERS WILL BE GOING BANKRUPT because of all of the lawsuits against them in 48 states, WHICH MEANS NO OPIOIDS WILL BE MADE AND NO COMPANY WILL INVEST IN MAKING ANY NEW PAIN RELIEVERS EVEN IF THEY ARE NON-ADDICTIVE!!!!

    And we were upset because no doctor would treat pain patients. YOU HAVE 2 CHOICES TO BELIEVE:
    1) Our President and Congress men/women are not aware of the “unintended” consequences and far reaching effects of their decisions
    If you believe number one, you haven’t lived long enough to realize the Government is all about money and power! By getting us to commit SUICIDE, they save 1 TRILLION A YEAR IN HEALTHCARE AND THEY PREVENT THE BOOMERS FROM VOTING EITHER PARTY OUT OF POWER WHEN WE FIND OUT OUR SOCIAL SECURITY MEDICARE AND MEDICAID ARE BUST!!!!
    Read the Communist Manifesto that was entered into the Congressional Record in 1963 and see if it looks familiar.
    Only God can help us now, but since He’s been rejected, we’re out of options!

    • You are spot on! This is an Agenda that they are well aware! Trump is the Trojan horse and I am neither Repub or Democrat.. it us US against THEM but too many are asleep to what our govt is doing! This is a planned Genocide

  3. Oh yeah just like they did the Jews for the holocaust? What’s next an armband to identify us as pain patients?

  4. Steve is this going to only affect people in their district or all people? If all people they should have to take everyone’s concerns or can we contact our Reps in each of our own district and tell them they need to stand up for us that we are against this? I am confused on this situation.

  5. I now hate it when they do something instead of just say ‘we have to do something’…

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