Call their bluff !


I read and talk to pts that a Pharmacist want to see their MRI.. before they will consider filling one of your pain meds. Call their bluff.. show them your MRI.. but DON’T SHOW THEM THE RADIOLOGIST’S report..  have the report with you and let them “evaluate” your MRI.. compare their “evaluation” of your MRI against that of a EXPERT in reading MRI’s. Watch them make a fool of themselves trying to make heads/tails of what your MRI shows about your medical issues.

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  1. Unless that pharmacist has had a residency rotation in radiology, I can’t imagine how they would be able to interpret the video on the CD. Love to be that fly on the wall watching them trying to interpret the MRI from the CD and make that diagnosis. My doc had to orient me thru mine and show me the differences shown between the MRI and the CT scan. They’re pulling your chains on supposedly needing your MRIs and scans to fill your meds

  2. I have had the neurologist disagree with the radiologist that read the scan. Most don’t know what they are looking at. And I am sorry but does the pharmacy have the right to demand the records? Obviously the doctor has the information that they could verify. But regardless you have to do everything to appease those on power trips just to get your legally prescribed medication.

  3. How many times have I carted my MRIs and x-rays from doctor’s office to doctor’s office, only to have 99% of doctors not even look at them?

    Great idea, Steve 🙂

    • And it’s not 6:20am here in Albuquerque — it’s 4:20am.

      • painkillers, Are you in a bad mood or just so JADED that you can’t add anything productive to a thought by ANYONE? I have taken MRIs, CT and XRays in and nobody looked at them. I finally found a surgeon who did, and I just had a lower lumbar fusion after 7 years.. I hear your point but if you disagree with the information or site, find another?

        • I’m in the beginning of a pain storm right now, so I’m just gonna be blunt: Who died and made you boss? If you dislike my comments, skip over them. How hard is that to do?

          And what part of my comment made you think I disagree with the information on this site? Jesus Christ, I was agreeing with Steve in this particular instance. And unless I’m mistaken, this is his sight, not yours.

          Unless you’re Steve in disguise?

          And one more thing: I’m not jaded, I’m informed. Here’s hoping the pain from your surgery doesn’t make your condition worse, like it has for so many other pain patients.

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