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  1. Also posting in these private groups and pages nobody reads isn’t doing s bit of good either.

  2. Nobody cares I’m in too much pain to go protest lol excuses proving most of these patients are junkies. As pain care is about to be demolished for good. Thanks alot>

  3. Funny nobody could hey a single protest I. 6 years w thousands of ppl over this but they can for nationwide for a man being killed which happens daily. Ridiculous someone doesn’t know how to do their job in this pain community. Maybe go take lessons from these rioters this is what shoulda happened years ago. The rich patients can certainly afford to hire some rioters.

    • Not so….Dr Basch needs a proper legal defense IN STATE OF CALIFORNIA COURT. There are clinical (Rx pharmacy product) mistakes. Somebody failed to research and QA this! This physician has a darn good fighting chance to continue her dedicated practice. 30 years of medical practice, actually. Dedication, compassion with medical analysis.

  4. Pharmacist Steve and everyone,

    Dr. Basch California medical license is threatened, yes. I went to check out the nature of California’s Attorney General’s complaint and read through the Medical Board’s lengthy “Complaint” against Dr. Connie Basch. I discovered mistakes. On Page 10 there is a bibliography reference which incorrectly classified Tramadol as Schedule II. Tramadol was DEA “controlled” in mid August 2014 as Schedule IV. Not Schedule II.

    There are other medical mistakes, too. Hydromorphone was identified by trade name “Demerol” on page 12.

    Let’s hope Dr Connie Basch MD has good, competent legal counsel who does proper medical research. She has a good defense – her practice’s methodology keeping patient treatment records for both billing insurance and justifying intractable pain (or other comorbid Dx’d conditions) are being challenged.

    I seriously doubt this California AG’s original document was examined for accuracy. It was stamped “Filed” by a CA Dept of Health Analyst. But was this CA Analyst a physician or registered pharmacist?

    Steve, this filing against Dr Basch is over a year old. It is frightening because patients’ ICD “conditions” with treatment plan are disregarded with every citizen’s Jeffersonian human rights, from our Declaration of Independence and also late Pres Thomas Jefferson’s input in 1789 when France’s government changed. France’s human rights are called in French “Déclaration des droits de l’homme et du citoyen de 1789”.

    One of the Dr. Basch’s named patients suffers from ano-rectal cancer. CANCER! Yet, the patient’s history was named in California’s medical board’s action against the physician.

    Also each of Dr. Basch’s patients are numbered. Why were these patients not given notice as “interested party” by the state of California? Each patient was kept anonymous, yet used as material evidence of Dr. Basch’s “mistreatment”. Not right. Very wrongful. Are we patients government agency’s not persons with Jeffersonian human rights? Are we patients mere situational lab mice despite our treatment being HIPAA protected data?

    We live in frightening times, Steve. I truly hope that Dr. Connie Basch has a good legal team to fight this inept “complaint” against her. It is biased. It is unscientific and unprofessional.

    My own adult son had an abscessed molar pulled a week ago. I did not accompany him to the hospital ER; he asked for post-procedure Rx analgesia. And he was denied 2 days worth of Tylenol #4 (like 8 or 10 tablets). He was prescribed Antibiotics and 600MG Ibuprofen.

    Can you imagine how helpless I was to watch him suffer for the past week? My son had no Prescription Monitoring Database Profile – nothing! No data. Yet, he was treated with suspicion and singled out. And denied adequate Rx analgesia for recovery – throwing high dosages of Ibuprofen or other NSAID meds has risks.

    His hospital ER dental team could have Rx’d Tramadol. Or phoned my son’s s General Practitioner to coordinate an electronic Tylenol #4 or other Rx for healing; my son’s GP is a local physician with a license in good standing. My son does not abuse substances nor consumes alcohol. He is single. He is a skilled worker hammered by the COVID19 business shut down.

    I am wondering if US Citizens should consider obtaining Dual-Citizenship if they have cancer or non-cancer intractable pain? Or require surgery with post-op analgesia, especially abdominal surgery post-op care?

    Ulcers run in our family tree’s DNA. I, myself, was hospitalized after being diagnosed 18 months ago to learn that NSAID caused esophagus and duodenal ulcer bleeding (brought on by using NSAD as my time release medication was reduced). Upper GI confirmed the bleeding ulcers plus lab panels identify more than two years of anemia because of abdominal bleeding.

    Why are patients with pain (cancer or non-cancer) being singled out? Why plague and torment our specialist physicians?

    Had the emergency dental visit occurred in London, my son could walk into any “Boots” UK store pharmacy with Britain’s legal right to ask for “pharmacy medicine” such as Panadol. Boots pharmacy cashier would process my son’s “pharmacy medicine” request from behind the counter, he/she would yell out to Boots Reg Pharmacist “Panadol” or “Syndol”. Those meds are 500mg of acetaminophen with 10 or 15mg of codeine phosphate.

    I am frightened as a US citizen and also being a patient.

  5. What kind of sick SOB demand that people suffer in pain? This is so outrageous and it needs to change now! Opioids prescribed by a doctor shouldn’t be policed by the CDC or the DEA, or any other authority. Those that take them for chronic pain and the street addicts are two separate things. Don’t punish one for the other!

  6. Well we all no the incompetent the idiots in California are.It doesnt surprise me I just hope the Dr can find a good attorney This crap HAS TO STOP!!

  7. The street opiate overdose issue…
    It is certainly no cause for abandoning 20 million of America’s severest pain sufferers.
    There is suffering and untimely death.

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