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Neurontin and Lyrica are a Death Sentence for New Brain Synapses

Neurontin and its newer more potent version, Lyrica, are widely used for off-label indications that are an outright flagrant danger to the public. These blockbuster drugs were approved for use even though the FDA had no idea what they actually did in the brain. A shocking new study shows that they block the formation of new brain synapses1, drastically reducing the potential for rejuvenating brain plasticity – meaning that these drugs will cause brain decline faster than any substance known to mankind.

The problem of these drugs is compounded by their flagrant illegal marketing. Neurontin was approved by the FDA for epilepsy back in 1994. The drug underwent massive illegal off-label promotion that cost Warner-Lambert 430 million dollars (the very first big fine for off-label promotion). The drug is now owned by Pfizer. Pfizer also owns Lyrica, a super-potent version of Neurontin. It has been approved by the FDA for various types of pain and fibromyalgia. Lyrica is one of four drugs which a subsidiary of Pfizer illegally marketed, resulting in a $2.3 billion settlement against Pfizer.

Even though the marketing of these drugs has been heavily fined, they continue to rack up billions in sales from the off-label uses. Doctors use them for all manner of nerve issues because they are good at suppressing symptoms. However, such uses can no longer be justified because the actual mechanism of the drugs is finally understood and they are creating a significant long-term reduction in nerve health.

The researchers in the above study try to downplay the serious nature of the drugs by saying “adult neurons don’t form many new synapses.” That is simply not true. The new science is showing that brain health during aging relies on the formation of new synapses. Even these researchers managed to question the common use of these medications in pregnant women. How is a fetus supposed to make new nerve cells when the mother is taking a drug that blocks them?

These are the kind of situations the FDA should be all over. As usual, the FDA is sitting around pondering a suicide warning for Lyrica while its off-label uses include bi-polar disorder and migraine headaches. The FDA is likely to twiddle its thumbs for the next decade on the brain damage issue. Consumer beware.

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  1. Well this is curious info..Back in 1994 ish,,,we were thinking of getting pregnant as long as their was medicine I could take thru-out my pregnancy,,Welll I was put in Nuerotin,,,,,4 doctors,,,,my Pain management,,,my Gyno,,my Primary and my cardio,,,all told me back then there would be no worries w/nuerotin,,,baby would be fine,,,Welll THANK GOD,,, we choosed not to conceive eh!!!maryw

    • If adults don’t make new synapse and the mechanism of action is stopping the formation of synapses, then it does nothing?

  2. This med is useless I knew when it did not help me at all. Drs get kickbacks on the scripts that they proscribe this I know for a fact if they can make money or get trip they do it. Nurse told me this straight up. What our Drs do is disgusting and should be barred from practicing

  3. For a pharmacist, who should have a doctorate you just did the community that you say you support an injustice. You have just let this live on some more. The article you cut and pasted was from 2009. The person who wrote it was a nutritionist (who sells high end supplements on his page.. no conflict of interested there I’m sure) . He did site the source but did not seem to state what the study actually found out. The only thing it really showed that was critically important about these two medications is that they should not be given to pregnant or lactating women and should not be given to children and maybe even young adults.

    The University in it’s press release on the 2009 study states: The study shows that gabapentin halts the formation of new synapses, possibly explaining its therapeutic value in mitigating epileptic seizures and chronic pain. This insight, however, may lead physicians to reconsider the circumstances in which the drug should be prescribed to pregnant women.

    Another part stated: Up to now, the molecular mechanism of gabapentin’s action — what, exactly, it’s doing to counter seizures or chronic pain — was unknown. But both syndromes may involve excessive numbers of synaptic connections in local areas of the brain.

    And the topping on the cake: Barres noted that he and his colleagues found that gabapentin does not dissolve pre-existing synapses, but only prevents formation of new ones. That greatly diminishes gabapentin’s potential danger to adults. In mature human brains, astrocytes ordinarily produce very little thrombospondin, and adult neurons don’t form many new synapses, although some new synapses do continue to be formed throughout life — for example, in a part of the brain where new memories are laid down and at sites of injury to neurons, such as occurs after a stroke.

    By reposting this blog from 2009 people are going cold turkey off of the medications because the fogginess they feel (think medicine head from cold medicine) is their brain synapses not growing. I watched someone do this and it had serious repercussions to their health. As a self stated Pharmacist and blogger for the pain community I am truly disappointed that you did not first investigate what was said and chose instead to take another blogger’s review of a very complex study (you did link to it under the picture so you didn’t plagiarize it) and just put it out there.

    I’m sorry sir, but I will not be reading a word you write anymore. People trust in the title Pharmacist and you have tarnished that title.

  4. a few examples of class action lawsuits, Females have a higher rate of diabetes with statin’s Rx’s. Xarelto may cause bleeding. Talcum powder may increase cancer.Never mind Bextra, and others like “Black Box” warnings. We won’t know for decades.

  5. Buy a medical dictionary.

  6. Neurontin is one of the main stay drugs used to treat RSV. And Lyrica is not far behind. As if people with RSC don’t have enough problems. I don’t know if the brain synapses show up in the brain Scan but I’ve been taking a wrong turn at high doses for the last five years. It can’t be good news.

  7. I am SOOO glad I got off these, when I did. Once my neurologists and “experts” realized these kinds of meds did nothing for me, they pulled the plug on them.

  8. I am so thankful to be seeing more and more “truth” surface about these killer drugs. Its been my opinion for years that these meds should be taken off the market. In desperation years ago, I fell for a doctors hard sell that Lyrica was “a miracle drug” for fibromyalgia. I was already taking neurontin and Lyrica was simply piled on top. As Cymbalta was later. This ended badly for me. When it started to look like I was in the beginning stages od Alzheimer’s or some other serious illness taking away my once very sharp memory, I was referred to a neuropsychiatrist for days of testing. It was shocking to find that where I once had an above-average IQ and very sharp mind, I now tested closer to what an inanimate object would likely test. The results were so bad, that the doctors naturally thought I must be faking to make things appear worse than they were. A popular tactic used by docs – accusing fm patients of being fakers and liars. This makes their job easier as they don’t have to waste their time trying to figure out what these drugs are doing to our brains. My “road” with these meds continued its downhill course ending in a serotonin-syndrome-induced seizure that could have killed me as it does many others. This, by the way, isn’t reported often enough. But once again, the ER doc, in his ultimate and unquestionable wisdom, decided that I had “faked” the seizure. I, of course, didn’t even have knowledge of the seizure. If my husband hadn’t witnessed it I would never have known it had happened. Except for the purple bruise around my tongue where I almost bit it off.. In the end I was asked (screamed at) to get up, get dressed, and get my ass out of “his” er! I was too sick to even be embarrassed by this treatment at the time. The next day I.passes out in the shower and busted my head on a marble ledge. I saw a new neurologist the next day, and her remedy….Lyrica will solve all your problems! I almost forgot to mention that during these times I also began to suffer what was referred to as “psychotic incidents” in which whole blocks of time would be completely forgotten. Oh what fun…
    Sorry for this long post, but PLEASE do lots of research before deciding to take these meds. Exhaust all avenues before resorting to this class of drugs. Where Lyrica might appear to be a “miracle” in the beginning, your life is more important than a quick fix. Look down the road at what might happen later. It wasn’t until I got off the rx med roller coaster that I began to get my life back and lift the medication fog. Doctors don’t know everything. There is no magic pill. It is hard work but you CAN get your life back from fibro. Always, always be in charge of your body and NEVER let a doc make a life altering decision for you. YOU do the research! And do lots of it.

  9. Bite me. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You do not site any valid research to back up what you’re saying. Lyrics has helped me immensely in regard to my neuropathic pain caused by my fibromyalgia which is, at least in part, an auto-immune neurological disease which attacks and destroys small nerve fibers and some large nerve fibers. No, Lyrica does not cure fibromyalgia – nothing does. But Lyrica makes my life a little less miserable. So shut up; don’t bother us with your quackery, and leave us alone. You’re just causing more harm to those of us who have already been harmed in so many ways. Shame on you.

  10. My sister sent me the links…the original study was done on cell cultures and mice, so most likely more study would need to be done on more advanced animal brain cells to extrapolate to humans

  11. It has changed its name to Lecaent Capsules but its still Pregabalin

  12. “Lions and Tigers and Bears”, Oh MY…! NOT AN ALARMIST, However, just how many folks don’t even have a list of the Rx’s they take….No matter if they cannot pronounce them- A Medic Alert Wrist Band could help. Better yet a computer chip under the skin, like Fido’s Lost and Found chip. Confusion say- “I don’t need no badges”. Oh well, It’s like hunting-Never go it alone. As for a button to push for 24/7 falls or worse. A Panic Button for ANY REASON with a RN or EMT on call could be reasonable. Better yet, a Taser with a LED light or laser beam. ( Just don’t aim it at the CHP helicopter) 5 million volts of “Take That” might give the assailant to be a reason to stop and think over what’s to lose. My .40 Cal or 9MM Glock with red laser gives them the Red Light.

  13. “LESS IS SOMETIMES MORE”. I often will fill a Rx but not take it or put it in the surplus shoe box of extra’s. After finding myself on the carpet and wondering what is it I’m doing here and what was the reason for the syncope. As tuned as I am to the reason, it turned out to be the Invokana.(canagliglozin 300 Mg).Promptly going back to baseline, I withdrew the amount to 150 Mg. Cardiologist next. We will find out what’s going on if it kills me. (That’s possible).

  14. Neurontin and/or Lyrica often are given off label. I’ve used up many of my neurons as it is. Introducing Neurotin or Lyrica to my already used list of pharmaceuticals is not my idea of a true indication. Off label means “Off Indication”. My synaptic junctions won’t be introduced to these drugs or few others. “Over active nerves” is just a little vague as a indication for powerful inhibitors of serotonin.

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