But you don’t look sick !


This dress looks white and gold to me, but Google says it’s black and blue



Could this be the same as “you don’t look sick ?”.. how can someone tell if someone else is sick.. when some can’t even tell the difference between black/blue and gold/white ?


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  1. Steve, I get what you are saying. We All see things Differently. ” I just look like this” Actually You can tell with me, I have health issues.
    But with that said I have to actually say something about the dress colors. I think I’ve told you we have 6 grown kids between 18 & 26. My 19 year old asked us All what we saw.
    Only 2 of my family saw Gold & White my husband and my 20 year old daughter.
    My 26 ,24, 22 ,& 19 year old sons saw Black & Blue. My 18 yr old daughter and Myself as well.
    Saw another post today saying the dress was actually Black & Blue. The Crazy thing is We were All there at the same time when he asked.
    Had to say it.
    Thanks Steve! …. Kym

  2. Botox did nothing for me, and made feel so sick, when I was getting about 15 migraines a month, and using Injectable Immitrex. So for 2 years I worked hard to make my diet very bland. No MSG, No sauces on things, and that has worked so well, that I hardly ever get a migraine now. The idea came to me because my first sign of every migraine would be a funny taste in my mouth.

    • I have cut out all artificial sweetners..aspartame is a primary trigger. So for me to lose weight, which I need to do, its a very slow process, I just accept that and eat in moderation (smaller portions and watch my calories), I watch anything with MSG in it. dark red wines. I am able to eat chocolate, I have found I have a super craving for caffine when i have one of my migraines. Cannot not get enough of sodas or coffee. My othe triggers are hyopglycemia, stress, poor sleep and weather (like lows that come in before storms of any kind). It’s occipital in origin and at worst it also includes temporal lobe at the same time. I’ve had them since high school. My aura is lightheadedness, dizziness and odd tastes in my mouth.

  3. I have chronic migraines. I’m on preventative, have meds to take at the start, but sometimes one or 2 of the triggers cannot be controlled and I have to deal with the migraine at work and drive to and from work with it. (no need to remind me of the danger of driving with one good eye) I work hard to keep my pain tolerance up, sometimes I can pass, but if it’s severe, I look and sound like I’m having a stroke or I’m under the influence of something (slurred speech, gait issues, bad tremor, facial numbness) If I have good tech help I can slow down and just do final pharmacist and just pray I get thru my day and get home OK to take another handful of meds that work sometimes and sleep. After doing more reading, Ive decided to ask about Botox next week. Weather is the only trigger I cannot control and the thought of a rainy Spring is beginning to make me anxious. Brain scans and carotid scans are all negative so that was good news, so stroke symptoms are not stroke. I have to work, I’m the income provider, absolutely no choice.

  4. LOL. I so get this from both sides of the table. I hear colleagues say so and so is young and “looks healthy” people think the same about me. I have spinal stenosis and endure lots of pain. I smile thru most of it so only a couple folks that know me very well know when I’m in excruciating pain. Thankfully I have no tolerance for meds so I don’t need a lot like many. I wonder though, do people say I look healthy?

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