Biden says that we must follow what science says

Here are two different scientific opinions/studies on the source of COVID-19 …  One stating that it is a man-made variant and the other stating that it is natural mutation.  Maybe we need to do like Real Clear Politics does…. creates a poll of the average of all the various political polls that are taken. We collect all the various opinions from various scientists and/or scientific studies and if one of the conflicting theories has more opinions… we chose that as “scientific proof”.   Dr Fauci is now 79 y/o… should his many years as Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases   give some added credibility to his opinion.  After all he has held that position since 1984 – he goes back to Reagan days.  Or is he taking the safe route… since he is 79 y/o and doesn’t want to have a “stain” on his reputation at the end of his career, because at some later date his opinion is proved to be wrong ?  So he makes statements such as there is no double blind clinical study to prove that something does or doesn’t work.. Such a study will take 10-15 yr and we will most likely be long gone before such a study can be done.  So he can neither be right nor wrong if he pushes for a study to prove a certain action based on some unproved hypothesis.  “We must do what science says to do”… is such a simplistic statement, but who in their right mind … would use that logic to make decisions what could affect – possibly good or bad – 300 + million in our country.   Making the correct decision could be done just as easily as flipping a coin.

Chinese virologist claims she has proof COVID-19 was made in Wuhan lab

The new coronavirus was not man-made, study shows


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  1. And just what would Pharmacist Steve have us do – follow the many conspiracy theories that I see increasingly posted on this web site that (supposedly) has the (at one time) purpose of advocating and helping intractable chronic pain patients receive their proper stable dosage of FDA approved prescription pain medications???

    If you don’t want to follow the science and wash your hands, or wear a mask, of social distance, that is your right. Just remember that your rights end where my rights begin.

    • You are looking for a guarantee my friend. No such guarantee is available for anything, ever has been or ever will be. There is truth in science, but not all scientists… Therefore, Only follow the science.

    • Wayne.. my blog’s original intent was to educate and motivate the pts dealing with chronic health issues especially subjective diseases. Anyone who believes that bureaucrats/politics has no influence over their healthcare and their individual QOL is – IMO – extremely naive. All too many people have a short memory and/or blame current problems on who is currently in office. Opiate Rxs peaked in 2012 and started to decline and in 2014-2015 the DEA started reducing opiate production quotas and in 2016 when the CDC exceeded their statutory authority to release those opiate guidelines in early 2016.. I don’t think that Trump was in office during that period, but many seem to want to blame Trump for all of these adverse actions to their QOL. but during that period, the administration was headed by TWO ATTORNEYS and the AG was a good buddy of Obama. Typically Congress is made up by about 40% attorneys and they have historically turned a blind eye and deft ear to what the DEA does, maybe because they are all part of the same judicial fraternity. I can’t count the number of times that scientific studies/reports/conclusions .. when you look into the details it appears that a study was structured to prove a preconceived conclusion. How many people understand that… I don’t know… but suspect that it is not a small number. Science is not an infallible monolith and when someone states that we “must follow science” sound impressive, but it is a over simplistic statement. Biden is very good at using simplistic statements .. this past week he stated that “THE DATA” would prove that everyone would still be alive if Trump had done something sooner… when in fact … THERE IS NO DATA. When we have abt 7500 people dying every day – from some reason.. even before COVID-19 was a issue. IMO, the focus of my blog has remained true to my original concept… I am sorry that the complexity of healthcare and politics being intertwined is too complicated for you to get past the political part of the equation.

  2. Because of political partisanship and selfish self-advancement schemes, we have not heard from anyone in mass media that knows thing one about what to do. Scrap lock-down and most mask mandates and don’t touch your face until you are washed was the ONLY thing we could do.

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