Biden Admin: creating Disinformation Governance Board under HDS

Disinformation Head Nina Jankowicz


The first video is of the person that Biden has appointed to head this new Disinformation Governance Board, One of her most infamous declaration of disinformation was that Hunter Biden laptop was “We should view it as a Trump campaign product ”  in this article     This quote was Oct 15,2020 – just before the Nov election.  And the Delaware AG is currently convening a grand jury hearing on Hunter Biden various questionable activities – including his laptop.  It has also been stated that because this Disinformation Governance Board is placed within/under a Presidential cabinet position,  BY LAW – Congress has NO OVERSIGHT ON WHAT IT DOES.

I posted yesterday this saterial video from the @TheBabylonBee  concerning Eldon Musk and him buying TWITTER and Twitter’s become a FREE SPEECH platform.  Who believes that this disinformation governance board will “call out” the DEA and the CDC about the DISINFORMATION on our opiate crisis ? And we are on top of the primary voting season and we are just SIX MONTHS from the mid-term elections.



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  1. NOT Me, NOT Me. I believe this is one more step towards communism. Towards No Free Speech Unless THEY APPROVE.

  2. Are you kidding me? There’s no chance in HELL that the CDC or the DEA will be called on the misinformation about the so-called “opioid crisis!”
    If, by some miracle, that happened… they (the alphabet agencies) would have to admit to being WRONG!!!

    • This is SOP for the Biden administration… he implements something that 99% of the time it is unconstitutional, but under our system… he can use, implement, enforce whatever until it goes thru our court system and declared unconstitutional by our Supreme Court… If his administration can screw around with appeals and is able to screw with the trust/disinformation until November election comes and goes… It had been reported that 5% of the voters who voted for Biden if they had known about Hunter’s laptop… they would have not voted for Joe
      Twitter Bans Users from Posting NY Post Story About Hunter Biden
      all media sat on the Hunter Biden laptop story except NY Post – and all of the “Big Tech Boys” throttled NY Post and this story getting out

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