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This appears to have been sent to only INDEPENDENT PHARMACIES.  Maybe CVS/HEALTH can’t buy up or run competitors out of business quick enough. First it was they were going to charge their PBM pts a SURCHARGE of  $15/Rx who had their Rxs filled at pharmacies that sold tobacco products.

They already have enough Rx volume information to make a good estimated how much Rx volume a particular store is doing.. the mix of various categories of medication they are dispensing. They have the right to do a totally invasive audit of the Rx dept.

Is the same credential requirements being imposed on all chains ?

Are we seeing the 21st century version of STANDARD OIL evolving ?

At the end of last week, CVS Health/Caremark sent out a
re-credentialling request to a large number of independent
pharmacies. Along with the usual requests for licenses, insurance,
and business hours, CVS Health/Caremark requires:

*a detailed floor map of the pharmacy showing what different areas
are used for including where drugs are stored. They want photographs
as well.

*For every officer/director/managing employee, their full name, home
address, birth date, and full social security number.

The Insurance and Pharmacy giant offers no assurance that they will
encrypt, secure, not sell, or otherwise protect the information; nor
that it will be destroyed in a timely manner.

I have two questions:

1.Am I right to believe that floor plans and photographs that might
include security information could be of great interest to thieves
or disgruntled employees who might sell information? Does the
community have any ideas about how to mitigate this risk?

2.If that much personal information falls into the wrong hands, does
it increase the risk of diversion?

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