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  1. I do not understand what this nurse is thinking will happen. Can someone clue me in?

    • I’m with you. I didn’t understand any of this ‘hidden message’. Share what?

    • I have not dealt directly with treating any COVID-19, I just know what I have read about pts. One thing that I have read mucous in the lungs gets rather “thick”. It has been stated that hospitals get a “bonus reimbursement” for having a pt Dx’d with COVID-19 and a “second bonus” when the pt is put on a vent…I have read $10,000+ and I don’t know if that is a daily charge. I don’t know what treatments have been given to these pts, but largely what I have seen is initially oxygen via nasal cannula with higher and higher LPM flows. My experience with similar upper respiratory issues… is that first steps should be aggressive treatment with bronchial dilators and mucolytic agents. the first attempts to open(dilate) the Alveoli and second attempts to thin the mucous in the lungs. Allows the lungs to help clear themselves. Failing to do this – or this treatment is unsuccessful – and the pt is put on a vent … then the mucous in the lungs are basically “driven in” to the Alveoli. If the Alveoli are totally “plugged” then the lungs cannot exchange ambient air to get it into the pt’s arterial blood stream. The pt starts to typically starts to suffocate. Because of COVID-19, hospital have stopped all elective surgeries and other elective procedures – which tends to be a hospital’s “cash cow”. I have stated this many times before, today’s healthcare is nothing but a FOR PROFIT BUSINESS !

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