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  1. I love it!!!! Cathy Kean you are brilliant! Now send it to Time magazine news editors and they may be intrigued & do a little investigating. I pray to God every morning that He would expose Kolodny for the liar and charlatan he is—and reveal his conflict of interest, The Phoenix House addiction treatment centers in 9 states.

  2. Lets make him a .”URBAN MYTH,”,,, I swear this thing has more connections to the darkest,creepiest,, so-called humans in this world..I knoe many will not rest in peace until this thing is locked up w/bubba convicted of torture,murder,racketeering,violations of every ethics written by mankind,and everyone of his assets given back to the families who’s loved ones had to use death to stop their physical pain from a medical conditions.,..In my book,,,we will go down in history w/the likes of Adolf Hitler,Psychiatrists involved w/Eugenics or his own words,”Mental Hygiene treatments,”,lobotomist, Shrinks who locked up humans for being physically crippled by birth or disease,giving them no pain medicines,just left in hallways ,naked, screaming in pain till it drove them crazy,ie filmed by cbs at Pennhurst..All the shrinks I conscider,,the-rapists,,,,,JMO,,,maryw

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