Are we talking “small potatoes ” here ?

DEA Investigating CVS Over 37,000 Missing Pain Pills

I know.. everyone has already been talking about this .. including this blog… BUT

From the article:

Last year more than 3 million pills were reported missing from pharmacies in California, according to data from the Board of Pharmacy. Employee pilferage accounted for 358,000 of those pills. Almost 500,000 were lost in night break ins, and 100,500 in armed robberies, while only 5,500 were due to customer theft, when a customer reaches over the counter and steals the pills. The majority of the pills, more than 1 million, were lost in transit, and there is no explanation for another half a million pills.

I wonder how much time/money was expended investigating the 37,000 missing opiate doses from CVS..  for a little more than 1% of what has been diverted in CALIFORNIA in 2013 ?  California has abt 12% of the entire US population.. So.. extrapolate the numbers.. could 25 million opiate doses disappearing each year in our country?

From Wikipedia


The DEA budget was directed toward three of five major goals of U.S. drug eradication:[18]

  • Demand reduction ($3.3 million) via anti-legalization education, training for law enforcement personnel, youth programs, support for community-based coalitions, and sports drug awareness programs.
  • Reduction of drug-related crime and violence ($181.8 million) funding state and local teams and mobile enforcement teams.

Presuming that 181.8 million would apply to this area of diversion.. at the FEDERAL LEVEL we are spending $0.07 for each dose of opiates that are known to be diverted by some means. Of course this 29 million dollar fine… help recoup ~ 16% of that section of their budget..

Wasn’t it last year that WAGS and CVS  together got fined 91 million for more control meds not accounted for.. that is HALF of their annual budget for that section’s budget.

And that doesn’t count the monies expended at the State/County/City level fighting this war on drugs. Since most of the people who abuse drugs.. have mental health issues.. how much mental health therapy could we provide  these people with all the dollars that we are throwing down this black hole.

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