Anti-abortion politicians are now trying to take away people’s power to get emergency care if they are facing severe complications during pregnancy

Has anyone ever reached out to ACLU about denial of care at the Emergency Dept concerning your pain? I got this from ACLU this AM.  Apparently, according to this ACLU email, only pregnant females who are denied care at a ED with long-standing protections to access necessary emergency care at hospitals are being discriminated against.



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  1. I admit to being a bit torn –not that EDs should refuse to provide care for pregnant woman* seeking emergency care; it’s obscene that that’s even under discussion. But I’m so enraged at the ACLU (& all other supposed civil rights groups) for deliberately & determinedly refusing for many years to do anything to help chronic pain patients that I have a hard time granting them ANY credit or positive responses.

    *And I find it beyond ludicrous that this article refers to pregnant “people.” Women, i.e. biologically XX females, are the only “people” getting pregnant. Chronic pain sufferers still can’t get recognized as being human & deserving of actual medical care, but the nonsensical extremist pronoun shuffle has spread this far?

  2. Search has been the case in the area where I live for a very long time unfortunately. The majority of hospitals are Catholic owned and they do not provide even emergency abortive services when the mother’s life is in danger. My daughter had a cornic separation and was hemorrhaging and they would not do surgery to fix it. So we unfortunately had to take a trip to another town and spend several hundred dollars to save my daughter’s life. That should never be allowable or justifiable under any circumstances. I am very much anti abortion but this is wrong.

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