Another victim of the 2016 CDC opiate dosing guidelines – denial of care

This is my friend Kimberly Derewenko-Freitas who lost her life today because the CDC guidelines on opioids destroyed her right to live and raise her young son! Constant pain threatens Chronic pain patients everyday! The government took our rights away to live! People want to get out of bed and play with their kids and grandkids but can’t because of an illness or injury! Opioid theropy is an absolute way of life for people who use opioids correctly! Torture and punishment is the way the government handles pain patients because most are broke and live on social security and have few or very little because of injuries or illnesses…. Kimberly just had brain surgery and lack of treatment causes death! She was an awesome person just trying to live man! How sad we have come to this! We can do something about it…. its called fighting back! Look it can be you next time a drunk flies throw a light or simple surgery turns into a disaster…like me! The government is picking on people that can’t defend their selves! It is so important to understand this could be your mother or your child! Chronic Pain Patients are suffering 😫 reach out and call your congressman or senator’s! Mention it to your doctors or medical professionals and ask what you can do to help! Her name was Kimberly and she meant something and did nothing wrong! Help us find a way out of this nightmare and give the doctors back their prescription pads to folks that can prove their pain…. contact American Pain and Disability Foundation to ask how you can help! Don’t be the next pain patient and have to live in our hell! Bob Sheerin VPO American Pain and Disability Foundation

RIP Gravestone

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  1. Steve- what state and hospital was this in/at?

    I am so incredibly sorry for the loss of your friend and to her family; especially her child.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend and colleague. I’m certain she was a wonderful person. Even worse is it might have been prevented Lack of pain control is is inexcusable, almost like she killed by government and CDC guidelines . So very sorry for everyone’s loss .

  3. How did she pass away? Stroke from denial of opioid analgesia? This situation makes me so angry! Tragic. Now a youngster lost a mother because of these “guidelines” (not law).

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