Another Pharmacy School Graduate that is a healthcare DENIER ?


The Walgreens that I have used for the last 27 years & is the closest to my house – just UNDER a mile away (.94 mile) has a new Pharmacy Manager who will not fill my class 2 prescriptions because I am in a different zip code!! Seriously how do I even reason with this type of insanity????

The above post appeared in a closed FB page for chronic pain…  I’M SPEECHLESS !


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  1. Reporting Walgreens won’t help. I’ve been fighting with Walgreens for 3 years over my pain meds and I’ve written letters of complaint to every entity you can imagine, including their own CEO, and nothing has changed. My best advice is to take your business elsewhere. The only thing they will ever understand is what impacts their pocket so I am encouraging everyone I know to go elsewhere. I know that is easier said than done these days, but the privately ownedpharmacies are your best chance. Go in and explain your situation in person and talk to them. If you live in the Orlando area, I can recommend a great guy who is very supportive and wants to help. Good luck to you.

  2. Report the new person to the board of pharmacy and the head office.

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