Another “meaningful message” from Uncle Sam ?

A parody of a Taylor Swift song spreads a meaningful message.

Did anyone know that we had a National Institute on Drug Abuse




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  1. I hope she, or someone close to her, never suffers acute severe pain. However, one never knows what is going to happen and, if so, I hope they have her video available for her! To just stereotype everyone suffering as addicts is pathetic and unsympathetic and has no place in health care!

  2. I did everything mike fanning of the BOME asked me to.
    Samsha was no problem.
    The problem:
    He never came to assess whether or not we were following the guidelines
    Which we always Have Done.
    Btw: no patients have received prescribed narcan for home use.
    It just became available, and every insurance has turned it down.

    He was just never interested was he?

    Witch hunts are not about facts, right?
    All about the domination

  3. It’s Funny, except…..
    Given that there are 100,00,000 patients in chronic pain, on opiates,
    Only 6,000,000 pill addicts
    When a pain patient is turned away
    There is a 94% chance of being wrong.

    As an ER doc for 31 years, I kockrd that can down the road plenty of times.
    It’s the hysteria, the prejudice that concerns me.

    I would like to more of a take off on Both sides now by Joanie Mitchell.
    A shot of our very young guitarist with a fracture
    Dislocation or
    Terrified by
    A kidney stone or plerodynia
    A disc

    “I’ve looked at pain from both sides now,
    From out the door to holy cow:
    I never ever knew pain at all….”

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