Another “Legacy Pharmacist” at CVS Health files age discrimination lawsuit

I am told that another lawsuit was filed today against CVS Health by a “legacy Pharmacist” over E.E.O.C. (age discrimination) and “severe retaliation ” Below is a list of articles that I am aware about that have been filed and/or won against CVS Health.  No one knows for sure how many other such lawsuit against CVS Health are floating around out there… No one knows how many other CVS Health “Legacy Pharmacists” have been kicked to the curb and did not realize that their rights were being violated. Since CVS Health brought out the mandatory medication contract for employees to sign a few months ago.. there must be a great deal of pending or potential other such lawsuits. Only time will tell…

CVS Health willfully violated the federal law against such age discrimination

CVS had employees sign mandatory mediation contract because ?

Meet Joe Zorek .. a RPH with a “brass pair”

Federal jury finds CVS Pharmacy in Anniston violated Age Discrimination Employment Act; awards pharmacist $400,000 (updated)

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  1. This is the first of many out of SC!!!!

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