Another group of bureaucrats being formed to created prescribing limits on controlled meds

More bureaucratic control over the prescribing of controlled meds in KENTUCKY.  If you are interested click on this link  

lists a whole array of practitioners licensed in KY to prescribe controlled substances. One thing I find interesting is according to the CSA NO ONE can prescribe a controlled substance without doing a IN PERSON PHYSICAL EXAM.  What I also find interesting is that most of the pts prescribed controlled substances are – or could be – a covered entity under the Americans with Disability Act and perhaps any laws, rules, or regulations that would place a limit on the mgs/day or some sort of other limitations of therapy. Besides, the FDA has established all those daily limits already!
Besides, most all controlled meds are prescribed with pts dealing with subjective diseases and there is no lab or other test to determine the impact of the disease on the pt’s QOL.
If these “dosage recommendations” come out without some sort of reference to pharmacogenomic testing on individual pts, and/or using the “junk science” MME system, they will not be using current pharmaceutical knowledge on appropriate prescribing.
Also, notice on the list of who is going to be on this committee – NOT ONE – chronic pain pt.  Human Psychology suggests that a person cannot truly understand certain things — unless they have personally experienced certain issues.
Date:                  June 22, 2023
TO:                      All Kentucky licensed pharmacists
FROM:               Christopher Harlow, Pharm. D., R.Ph.
                             Executive Director
RE:                       Controlled Substances Prescribing Council
Senate Bill 94 enacted during the 2023 Regular Session creates the Controlled Substances Prescribing Council under the Office of Inspector General. See Section 2 of the bill, which was codified as KRS 218A.025.
KRS 218A.025(1)(h) provides that the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy will select one licensed pharmacist to serve as a member of the Council. The Council will meet at least quarterly “to discuss matters relating to the safe and appropriate prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances.”
Members will be selected by the Board from applications submitted by interested individuals.  If interested, please submit the completed application along with a resume or curriculum vitae [CV] to the Board office by mail, email, or fax.
Please return your completed application to the Board office by close of business July 19, 2023. Please enclose a copy of your resume or curriculum vitae [CV].
If you have further questions, please contact the Executive Director at
Thank you,
Kentucky Board of Pharmacy

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  1. What limits did FDA set? I haven’t heard anything about prescribing limits from FDA.

    • Every FDA-approved medication has within its professional prescribing literature.. the recommended dosage range for a particular medication that was derived from abt the 10 yrs of three-stage clinical trials over 10+ yrs

  2. Imagen if it was back to the truth,thee correct definition of ,”addiction,” instead of the NEW made-up one by the addiction business,,ie,Thee definition of addiction that stood forever and worked for all of whom are medically ill was,,”Taking any medicine for non-medical purposes,”’Now thanks to addiction psychiatry’s greed .need for $$$$$,,u have this new crap of oud,or sud,,that effectively denied the medically ill in physical pain any effective dose for a physically painful medical conditions,essentially making,”torture in the healthcare setting,”legal,,Anotherwards,,addiction psychiatry is profitting off of others FORCED suffering from a medical condition that is physical painful,,,,Do we call insulin dependent folks insulin addicts??and do not give this CRAP, that insulin doesn’t give u euphoria sh-t,,,,nor do the MEDICINE opiates’ when given for the MEDICAL purpose of relieving PHYSICAL PAIN from a medical condition,,ask any chronic physical pain patient!!!!!Soo we forcible suffer,,soo others can profit off of our forced suffering,,,welcome to torture legalized in America,by addiction psychiatry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!jmo,,maryw

  3. I think its like that in other states too. No prescribing Rx pain meds(at very low doses now too) unless seen in person at least every 30 days(or sooner). Not to mention this includes pill counts(every appt) & drug tests too. As well as being forced into invasive injections, surgeries, etc. This is way beyond out of control. & the problems aren’t even from Rx pain meds. The problems are from illegal street drugs! Geez, when will this nonsense ever end?

    • This also means being called names(“drug seeker”, etc.), being looked down upon & made to feel even worse than we already do. & that’s just at the doctors office. Then we have to deal with the pharmacy & subject to being looked down upon & treated like we’re criminals(drug seekers), etc.

    • You don’t have to be swen every 30 days. That’s up to your dr, clinic rules etc. Some go every 90 days or even telehealth since it’s been extended until November.
      Only a dr or clinic sets their rules for drugs screens, pill counts and injections etc. I haven’t had a pill count in over 1.5 years. Vs having done them every mth at a diff clinic.
      State medical boards can set standards as well for clinics & Dr’s to follow.
      These were suggestions by cdc to Dr’s who may be dealing w patients developing oud, addiction, previous addiction, questionable diversion issues, etc. Never said must do this to every patient. But greed got some Dr’s to charge alot for monthly drug screens.and monthly appts, all unnecessary but very lucrative! $$ once had a dr charge $660 office consult, 2 wks later chsrge $379 to pickup written RX and $1700 for a drug screen!!!! I’m still fighting this in court and uts from 2017!!! First pain cljnic I ever went to thx to primary dr & 2016 guidelines. And they were fined 1 mil$ for unnecessary labs from gov due to gov pd insurance but they don’t care about self pay/ private insurance. This is not the only.clinox in WI to have had this gapjej to them. Some are still open.
      Its all BS, I guess we pick our battles. So many cpps get nothing!! So if they want a drug text 2x a year or even more so be it as long as it don’t cost me – funny insurances don’t want to cover RX but most don’t care about drug tests! Mine denied the $1700 one but they pay most of the $400 ones! What a waste of money all around for patient & insurances.

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