Andrew Kolodny: BELIEVES that the pharmas collaborated to increase prescriptions for opioids across America 

I find it very interesting that the “expert” ( Andrew Kolodny) for the plaintiff  “broke down how HE BELIEVES that the companies named – among others – collaborated in the 1980’s and 1990’s to increase prescriptions for opioids across America  and ESPECIALLY IN WEST VIRGINIA.”

So the plaintiff appears to be totally counting on and basing their case on the OPINION of this “expert”.  My understanding is that any measurable perceived “opiate crisis” did not really again any traction until after Purdue Pharma introduced Oxycontin – which wasn’t until 1995-1996 and another potential stimuli was the Decade of Pain Law that was passed and signed into law in 2000.

Generic Vicodin first became available in 1983 and typically once a pharma loses a patent on a brand name med and the generic becomes available. The pharma does less promotion of the brand name, because most all states have mandatory generic substitution – unless brand name is specified by the prescriber, but most PBM/insurance will not pay for the brand name and/or charge a very large copay when a brand name is dispensed when a generic is available.

If there was few/no brand name opiates without a generic available. Historically, there is little/no promotion of a brand name opiates being promoted directly to prescribers.. the number of Rxs being prescribed will generally “fall off”. Pharmas making generics typically do not support a marketing staff to call on prescribers. The marketing to physicians is a very expensive endeavor and generic pharmas not have the profit margins to support a marketing staff.

This newspaper article did not elaborate on what was entailed in Kolodny’s “broke down how he believes the companies collaborated “

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  1. Thank you for putting forth a cogent representation of Kolodny and his pathos. Wouldn’t it be nice to require this pathetic practitioner, and several others, have to answer for their direct contribution to the reintroduction or creation of the novel fentalogues and ‘-zines’ that are responsible for killing 100,000 humans last year? Protonitazene is revealing itself to be particularly deadly; an heart attack in one’s hand. Ahhh, to see the headline “Andrew Kolodny indicted on 96, 243 counts of negligent homicide. Sentencing to be swift and severe”

  2. This one got me 30 days in Fakebook jail because I said what I honestly thought. (I can say it here and not get kicked off. I said we need to hang him from his teeny tiny man parts. It’s how I feel.) I hope every CPP in WV contacts the AG and the journalist at the bottom and tells their stories, especially to the journalist. Is the AG looking for easy money, which I believe was the case in Ohio? I wish voters paid more attention and would vote him out. There’s a write-in candidate that would be 100x’s better. (Anyone would be better.) Something about him….
    (Jonathan Gruber mentioned “the stupidity of the American voters” when talking about the ACA. They KNEW it would screw the People but they didn’t care. Think about that next time you vote for a democrat. They think you’re stupid. The video is on You Tube.)

    “Adequate evidence taking opioids every day… will improve your quality of life… does not exist.” “The best available evidence we have shows us that patients on long term opioids are not doing well.” REALLY? WRONG. There’s LOTS of evidence!! Ask anyone who used them for weeks, years and decades! I WAS doing well on LTOT. Suicide never once crossed my mind BACK THEN and there’s a barn next door to us in which two women HAVE hung themselves.

    He committed perjury, lying under oath. It’s not like pain relief is a novel concept! “Significant risk and limited benefits.” REALLY?? Because millions of us beg to differ. Can’t we do a class action lawsuit? Crimes Against Humanity!!

    • That is why I put all the “good stuff” on my blog and just share the title of the blog post on other sites with a hyerlink back to my blog post… I think that FB & Twitter would really be pushing their luck to ban me for putting a pretty benign heading from the posts on my blog 🙂

      • I’ll just have to start reading your blog and staying away from Fakebook. I was in jail most of last summer It’s not a bad thing, especially in the summer. I only got on it because I lost my life and someone on YouTube talked about pain groups and help with finding a doctor. I’ve met many great people that get it and I’m thankful for that! If you don’t have it you can’t “get it.”

    • He knows how to Google. 1993 is the year you are looking for. He did commit perjury.

      • Wow! He’s been after us for longer than many of us even were chronic pain patients! IF we had a justice system, he would never have been able to do so much damage to so many. The ones able to change it won’t ever have to suffer so why rock the boat? It keeps getting deeper and deeper. I’ll check it out.

        I wish we could collectively sue him. How much is he really guilty of?! Will we ever know? Will we ever have a life again? So much evil. You can’t have a conscience and think this is okay.

  3. pss,,JMO,, the reason Kolodny got soo far, is no reasonable minds could ever conceive of torturing the weakest in society,ie,our MEDICALLY ILL,,my point is,u know why kolodny thinks this about collaborating?????,,is because HE ACTS AND THINK THAT WAY,,,HE HIMSELF HAS DONE THEE EXACT SAME THING AS HE CHRAGES EVERYONE ELSE HAS,,,we normal humane folks couldn’t ever conceive of such curelity,such calculated devised cruelty for $$$$,,it amazes me,ever other commercial is advertisement for psychiatry/psychiatrists medicine,anti-depresent,PSYCHIATRIC meds,,but i never or ever HAVE SEEN a single commercal for thee essential medivine opiates..EVER,,yet,,he claims our manufactures broke the law,,???yea complete opposite in my book,psychiatry does more commercials for $$$$$,,than any sackler/johnsons company ever did,,he;lll they did none,no commercial ever!!!!Again,,jmo,,this guy is DRUNK,,ON POWER,,and torturing/killing innocents medically ill people with forced physical pain,,,sickening in my book,,maryw

  4. Again ,this ,”thing,” is why a free country should never ever allow the combination of a rogue psychiatrist obviously DRUNK,, on power to make public policy,then use our governments police force,ie dea,to forcible police those policy, arresting any humane doctors who do not follow his abuse policy’s..Political abuse of psychiatry is a well documented historic abuse of both mental and medical and why psychiatry and MEDICAL medicine should never ever be allowed to be combined again.If our government cannot seee,this man is completely drunk on power,,then maybe they should no longer call us a free country..For the country’s that allow psychiatry to force/police public policy are china,russia,Hitlers regime ETC,Anotherward totalitarian regimes,DICTATORES.,,The combination of a rogue psychiatrist drunk on power should never ever be allowed again to make public police/policed policy for it has peroven to harm and kill those effected by those policed policy’s,How quickly society forget the Pennhurst and waverlys asylums,etc who proved,combining the mental and medical always abuses,harms and kills fellow humanbeings,,,thus should never be repeated as it is now,,,jmo,,maryw

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