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  1. It seems like they are afraid of CPPs. boo hoo.
    Maybe they should stop interfering in the PRIVATE MEDICAL CARE of American citizens. Maybe they need to get out of our doctor’s offices and stop contributing to the torment and deaths of chronic pain patients.

    Then they will have no reason to worry about CPPs who are in fact law-abiding Americans. Which is why we don’t take street drugs, we only want to be cared for by our chosen doctors who are trained and experienced in treating pain. We are in the right, they are in the wrong. So they demonize us as “dangerous.”

    Well, only if getting your feelings hurt counts as danger.

    I realize that these politicians are often bought and paid for by big money interests like PROP, Kolodny, and Indivior. That’s tough. They will just have to put the well-being of American citizens, especially our VETERANS, ahead of their ill-gotten “funding.”

    • Afraid of the truth always. Afraid of what may make it a little harder to shovel money to themselves. And unafraid. The power over the people has always been its guns and soldiers. America came closest to a truly free land under good and semi-good laws and order, …but that effort has now failed. God’s Kingdom approaches. Have no fear. That is where lovers of justice and gardening will thrive. We will not even need opiates for pain and enjoy perfect health.

  2. Mr. Rose received a letter today from Sen. Blackburn’s office offering the D.C. address and told to not further communicate with the Tenn. office. This letter did not even have a signature at the end. The response from our Gov. officials to WE THE PEOPLE!

  3. could they have been any more obvious about trying to set him up as a “dangerous person” without accusing him of it outright? “Put the package down & step away from the door.””I didn’t say you couldn’t go, I said I wouldn’t.” These people are pathetic caricatures of slimy bureaucrat dodging weasels.
    I didn’t think I could get any more ashamed of my government…
    I was wrong.

  4. this was sad to watch but not surprising. While l live in the tri-cities TN area myself, this could and does happen everywhere in the UNited States. Treason is a prerequisite for high level govt positions. If one were to go by the constitution one would be hard pressed to find 10% of the requirements for legitimacy are followed. Until the people are sick and tired of treason being just another qualification it will continue to get worse. Voting is no longer a viable alternative for solving this problem because both parties are so criminal and merely puppets for the corporations a nd banks who run the govt. The American people by many accounts were declared enemies of the state in 1933. Every senator, congressman and, President have gone back on their oat when they go along with a criminal system that blatantly removes the power of Congress to handle US currencies and hand it over to a cabal of FOREIGNERS (8 FOREIGN FAMILIES OWN THE FEDWRAL RESERVE -A PRIVATE BANK THAT IS NO MORE FEDERAL THAN FEDERAL EXPRESS).
    The debt is an unnecessary piano whereupon we are charged by a private crime all enterprise to print our own currency. Until we regain control over our money system it matters not what treasonous puppets we vote for because e The results will never change. The borrower does not dictate to them lender. It never has and never will


    28 US Code a corporation cannot be a representative govt.

    anticorruptionsociety.com See organic act of 1871 and Bankruptcy & reorganization of 1933

    I stopped all of my efforts at advocacy for patients years ago because I discovered this issue was merely a symptom of a much deeper and disturbing problem. One where upon the govt was no longer restra I Ned by any rule of law. Even the court system has been subverted and changed from constitutional common law to a commercial system of law under the UCC aka the Universal Commercial Code. This may be hard to imagine but I fell if the people would look into it the information is available to verify every claim. This country is in dire straights and I fear nothing short of a major catastrophe will be able to awaken Americans from their slumber. The coming economic collapse will transfer even more wealth of Americans Into the hands of the corporations and banks. the building up of the police state since 9/11 has been for this event, financial collapse, NOT some chance of terrorism from an outside boogie man. The only terrorist we have to fear is the govt. Hopefully that collapse will be enough to wake them up but the banks/govt will invariably have some sort of war or calamity to blame it upon.

    • Exactly. Citizenship is not a given. It requires at least a little critical thought. We were all (most of us in the USA) whistling along, wealthy, well fed, rocking and rolling after our forefather broke their backs and made citizenship look easy between the 40s and 60.

      The next generation bleeped over that whole citizenship thing, but it was the life’s blood of American excellence. Three’s Company came along and the Pepsi Generation and that was that, these are our politicians now save for a very few completely scorned, as media (what I call the voice of Satan himself) revs up gawkers at their infantile emotionalism for the advertiser bucks. Even doctors think that money is God. They could reverse this in one week (not the doctors teaching us what opiates are good for and advocating themselves and persecuted) but they don’t know what to do. They just know they are doctors, they have studied enough and now they are suppose to have money to burn BECAUSE they are them.

  5. Cool customer that Robert Rose

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