abt FOUR TIMES veterans committed suicide each year than all soldiers killed in 20 yrs war in middle east – NO WALL TO WALL MEDIA COVERAGE

I am so sorry for the nearly 200 people that were killed by the Taliban and/or Isis-K  (including 13 of our military – the majority being in their early 20’s) in the middle east and the first military deaths in 15 months for our military in that area.  It had been wall to wall media coverage for the last 48 hrs and unknown how many hours going forward.

It is claimed that nearly TWICE AS MANY veterans commit suicide EVERY DAY and I have read where that number was derived from just 25 states data – so it could actually be twice as high.  At least 8600 veterans it is claimed to have commit suicide every year. That is about FOUR TIMES the total number of military deaths in the TWENTY YEARS that we were at war in Afghanistan.

We don’t know how many chronic pain pts have committed suicide and/or died prematurely because of having their pain meds reduced/eliminated and the complications of their comorbidity health issues very underlying causes of their premature deaths.

I guess what we – as a country – get these young people to volunteer to service in our military and we use/abuse them in defending our freedom and once their bodies are bent/broken… we provide, at best, poor medical care to these veterans, leaving them to themselves to deal with their chronic pain, PTSD and other chronic health issues to pretty much deal with on their own.

We are at – and have been at the war on drugs for 50+ yrs… I guess all wars have causalities.  Many of the causalities, in the war on drug, seems to be very INTENTIONAL.

Should the DOJ/DEA, CDC and VA healthcare system be considered/declared as TERRORISTS ?

What about Sen Marchin, that have been trying to put a opiate tax on opiate Rxs since 2016 https://www.pharmaciststeve.com/clinton-backs-manchin-plan-to-tax-opioids/

and again this year, Manchin and 11 other Senators are at the tax opiate Rx “well”  https://www.pharmaciststeve.com/the-opioids-crisis-dont-tax-pain-patients-to-treat-opioid-addiction/




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