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I am now in my fourth year of blogging… I have pissed off a lot of Pharmacists because of my pro chronic pain community stance.. I have watched the number of Face Book pages EXPLODE devoted to some disease state where pain is – or can be – a major factor..  There is a estimated 106 million chronic pain pts… but they are either bed/chair/house confined because of their under/untreated pain.. or they are so fragmented among so many different groups.. that it falls under the “united we stand… divided we fall ..” principle.

I am getting emails almost daily from chronic pain pts who either can’t find a pharmacy to fill their prescriptions and/or they can’t find a prescriber to treat them adequately…

I am in a number of support groups and there is a lot of whining .. bitching.. moaning…  I totally understand that all too many chronic painers are physically, mentally, financially exhausted. Which is just what the bullies at the DEA want… just like all bullies they pick on the most meek and weakest.

I have had pts state that they have contacted numerous attorneys trying to get someone to seek some restitution for them.. Even Morgan and Morgan “for the people.com” are not interested.

I got a email from a FL pt this week where the pt had filed a complaint with the FL BOP for a Pharmacist refusing to fill the pt’s Rx and the BOP claimed that while they found the Pharmacist’s behavior was UNACCEPTABLE.. no law had been broken..  I guess that unprofessional conduct is not illegal in the state of Florida..

There are some 106 million chronic painers in this country… there was only a total of 126 million votes cast in the last Presidential election.. As a united front we could CONTROL the election process..

A couple of us have formed a charity to raise money to help pts sue individual pharmacists for refusing to fill their legit/on time/medically necessary Rxs.. This will be the stepping stone for the foundation of creating a class action lawsuit against the major chain pharmacies and major drug wholesalers.

if we can get 0.2% of the chronic pain community to donate $5.. we will have a ONE MILLION DOLLAR war chest… With that amount in a war chest… attorneys will talk to us…

This is just the beginning… this war on pts is going to take a dramatic change in direction

More information will be forth coming in the days to come..

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  1. I am also being treated properly at this point but things can change in an instant. I also get tons of emails and messages daily from patients who are not being treated well! I started a non profit in 2011,” Fight For Pain Care Action Network” and it’s very tough to find the right people to join a board of directors so I am supporting this campaign for this fight for pain care. So, I donated to this and I pray to GOD that many more of you do to too! It’s time to stand together and take control of all our lives. People have rights in this country and they are diminishing very quickly!
    Donate and stand with ALL people in pain!

  2. I will be watching for this charity. I am lucky enough to be getting what I need right now, but for my future and the present for so many, I will contribute.

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