8-year-old with failing heart ‘dies in agony’ while in care of Norton Children’s Hospital, lawsuit claims

This is the second night in a row that this FOX channel in Louisville, KY has done a report of pts in the Louisville, KY market is dealing with failed pain management  https://www.pharmaciststeve.com/pharmacists-said-they-arent-accepting-new-prescriptions-for-oxycodone/

In Louisville,KY there is FOUR MAJOR HOSPITALS in the downtown area within adjacent blocks of one another and there is a Major pediatric  PEDIATRIC HOSPITAL affiliated with Kosair charities.  I wonder why a 8 y/o was not being treated at that hospital?

8-year-old with failing heart ‘dies in agony’ while in care of Norton Children’s Hospital, lawsuit claims


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — An 8-year-old New Albany boy in need of a heart transplant died in agony with his parents by his side while in the care of Norton Healthcare, a wrongful death lawsuit claims.

Finnley McCullum was born with a congenital heart defect and had been in and out of the hospital for most of his life. He underwent a heart transplant last summer, but the transplant was rejected within hours of the procedure. 

While Finnley and his parents, Chris and Sally, waited for another heart transplant, he was kept alive with an artificial heart and other life-sustaining treatment. Despite his medical issues, the only child was known for being a vibrant child with an infectious spirit.

In early April, his parents were told by Norton Healthcare the child was no longer a candidate for another heart transplant and he would be removed from the life-sustaining treatment, a lawsuit claims. The lawsuit states Norton didn’t ask for his parent’s approval or consent on a decision that would end his life.

Finnley was conscious and cognitively aware when the decision to end his life was made, according to the lawsuit. Norton Healthcare officials told his parents they’d never before removed life-sustaining treatment from a conscious and cognitively aware child like Finnley before. 

The lawsuit claims Norton Healthcare told the boy’s parents that he wouldn’t experience any fear, anxiety or pain once his life-sustaining treatment was removed. But no physicians were present during the procedure and Finnley was conscious and awake as his life was ending.

The boy cried out for help, but his parents had to falsely assure him that everything would be all right, according to the lawsuit. He died after hours of pain and suffering on April 19.

“He knew what was happening as his life support was shut off, his parents stood bedside and they were helpless to do anything to stop it as he looked at them and said ‘help me,'” said Ann B. Oldfather, the lawyer representing the family.

“It was a disaster,” Oldfather said. “Finnley said ‘what’s happening, why is my monitor off,’ his parents had to say, ‘oh they just lost some power, you are going to be okay.'”

Norton Healthcare called the death of Finnley heartbreaking.

“Norton Children’s Hospital cares for our community’s youngest patients, and we serve all families, including those in very difficult situations,” said Renee Murphy, a spokesperson for Norton Healthcare. “Our clinical teams meet with families regularly to review care plans and medical options, and we work to maintain an open dialogue. Our priority is to provide quality care to all those we serve. Unfortunately, not every medical intervention is successful.”

Another claim in the lawsuit said the McCullums were told the life-sustaining treatment could only be continued with a court order.

“He was not going to spend the last 40 hours he had with his son trying to find an attorney, they begged for extensions,” Oldfather said.

According to the family, Norton engaged in several actions intended to pressure and manipulate them during the process.

“They were at times put against each other,” Oldfather said. “One of the caretakers expressed her opinion that if this had been her child, she would have let him go.”

The McCullums claim they’ve experienced severe physical mental and emotional pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

“They counted on that when they said goodbye to Finnley, it would be filled with peace and love and joy, and he would be in Sally’s arms as he passed away,” Oldfather said.

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  1. It was his Dad who told staff to not give any pain meds. They wanted him to have a clear mind. Despite his pain.

  2. Why weren’t the parents raising hell?!!!

  3. There are no words……..this is our country……..now

  4. I can’t even fathom what those parents are going through and I watched my sister die in my mothers arms at the age of 2 (I was 10) after they pulled the plug. This is disgusting! They have the ability to at least make it painless and quiet, not horrific. Animals get treated with more dignity in this country! What the hell is going on?! My heart aches for those people. PTSD in its worst possible form.

  5. Welcome to torture in the healthcare setting,”THEY DON’T CARE,,As DaVinci said long ago,,”Men w/no souls will be giving us rules on how to die,”Someone pointed out,,is this all part of the NWO genocide/eugenic dark agenda??The evidence it obvious,they want us dead,and were going to die in agony,no matter your age.Humanity is gone from these people,,they have no soul,,They don’t believe killing w/forced physical pain is a sin,,or in other words,just morally ethically WRONG,they don’t care about human life,they only care about $$$$$,,,.They have put money over the well-being of other human beings,,,,,,,Its not happening to them,,they have no moral compass,This truly is,the ,”dark age,” in human history/medicine,,jmo,,maryw

  6. outraged.this hospital staff would serve the world better by being victims of a random shooting spree by a sicko that seem to be prevalent in these days.SERIOUS.I know that is hateful,sorry.But they obviously serve no purpose at all on earth.An 8yr.old child?when the very young and very old are deemed non-human,then the 2nd Coming of Christ cannot be far off.I am sick to my stomach after that story.Heartless bastards.

  7. Hot tears running down my face after reading this. HOW ON EARTH was a cognizant child allowed to die, in pain, without anything to help him during his final exit. HOW!!!??? How could a doctor allow this $hit to happen? Why not give the dear child medication to alleviate the agonizing pain and anxiety he was facing. Forcing the parents to witness this horrific experience makes me want to vomit. I’m deeply sorry for the loss of this vibrant child, and the pain the parents must have felt, lying to him. This is barbaric and should NEVER HAVE HAPPENED! Still crying…wishing I could have helped this poor, sweet soul. My heart is broken.

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