“EXPERT’S” testimony in trial proven GROSSLY FALSE – BUT.. not charged with PERJURY ?

DEAR ADVOCATE ARMY Those with chronic painful conditions have a real reason to celebrate this holiday season! Last week two courts discredited widely accepted propaganda regarding opioid medications. One California and another Oklahoma Supreme Court judge illustrated how misleading this widely accepted and heavily promoted propaganda really is. Both of these court decisions recognize that […]

I don’t normally venture out on a political limb

I don’t normally go out on the “political limb”, but  long story short – we had video security cameras installed on the house and the “software installer” was here Wed to finish up that part of the installation… right after he left… my hold internet network CRASHED…  Only way to get it back up was […]

The FDA permits data scams

Yoho MD, Robert. Butchered by “Healthcare”: What to Do About Doctors, Big Pharma, and Corrupt Government Ruining Your Health and Medical Care (pp. 55-57). Inverness Press. Kindle Edition. The FDA permits data scams. Researchers from the Yale University School of Medicine looked at trials between 2005 and 2012. They found that the FDA based many […]

Giving Tues is just around the corner

The AMA is looking for Patient’s Pain Stories:

National Pain Council NPC SPECIAL ALERT: The AMA is looking for Patient Stories: We know from our own data, that an estimated 70% of the 10 million people, with rare and painful diseases, have had reductions in their pain regimens, without their consent. This is at a rate of approximately 3000 patients per day. The […]

Fabricated opiate crisis: one step forward… two steps backwards

Pharmacy chains CVS, Walgreens, Walmart helped fuel opioid epidemic, U.S. jury finds https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/pharmacy-cvs-walgreens-walmart-opioid-epidemic-us-jury CVS, Walgreens and Walmart said they would appeal the verdict, arguing it ran contrary to the facts A federal jury on Tuesday found that pharmacy chain operators CVS Health Corp, Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc and Walmart Inc helped fuel an opioid epidemic […]

Walgreen’s Pharmacist: doesn’t know – or cares – what state pharmacy law is !

I recently read an article that mentioned you being an advocate for pain patient rights within the pharmacy and I have a question. I will give you the scenario before asking the question.  My husband is disabled and on pain medication. He fell 2 stories years ago and messed his back up pretty bad. He […]

Prescriber induced suicide- jury awards a SEVEN MILLION JUDGEMENT

This article goes into much more detail surrounding the suicide of a chronic pain pts when his meds were cut 55% than what was published by the local Louisville KY TV station ( WDRB )  https://www.pharmaciststeve.com/7-million-awarded-to-family-of-man-who-killed-himself-after-pain-medication-denied/ While I don’t encourage or condone SUICIDE… even before this fabricated opiate epidemic – our country had about 50,000 […]

New copay rule worries patients, providers

New copay rule worries patients, providers https://www.pharmacytoday.org/article/S1042-0991(21)00844-6/fulltext#relatedArticles Patients may be unpleasantly surprised by a new rule finalized by CMS in July 2020—potentially forcing them to abandon their prescriptions due to unaffordable drug costs. Sanjeev Seenath, PharmD, MBA, a managed care pharmacy specialist at State of Hawaii MedQUEST division, worries that patients will be even more […]


ETHICAL GUIDANCE IN PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS https://uploads.documents.cimpress.io/v1/uploads/4872fe92-1a86-4e38-9d31-f15ba9226302~110/original?tenant=vbu-digital This article is a well thought out – well organized – proposed roadmap… it is NOT A QUICK READ ! The path/direction that the war on drugs has been on for 51 YEARS is not going to be changed by a single group or even a handful of groups.. […]