The Legal System Is Weaponized Against Doctors As part of the Global Week of Action spearheaded by the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Action Campaign, National Judicial Conduct and Disability Law Project, Inc. (NJCDLP) is hosting a half-day online conference on its campaign, Opt IN USA and the legal system abuse against doctors on Saturday, Sept 25, 2021, starting at 1PM Eastern Time Doctors […]

Numbers never lie and liars always figures and OPINIONS turn into FACTS !

Over the last decade opiate OD’s from pharma opiates has been relatively FLAT and apparently the CDC does not know or does not want to divulge how many of those OD with pharma opiates were from DIVERTED PHARMA OPIATES – which when a pharma opiate is diverted it AUTOMATICALLY BECOME AN ILLEGAL OPIATE… Of  course, […]

Red Cross issues warning to stop blood plasma donations from vaccinated people

Red Cross issues warning to stop blood plasma donations from vaccinated people (Natural News) If you took a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine,” the American Red Cross will not accept blood plasma donations from you due to the inherent toxicity issues caused by the injection. As it turns out, convalescent plasma should only be collected […]

Once again: a BIG LIE … concocted by attorneys, politicians & bureaucrats

Does it surprise anyone that just as the BIG TOBACCO SETTLEMENT from 1998 is just about ready to run out… where 98% of that monies ended up in the states’ GENERAL FUNDS… to be spent as they wished… that many states’ AG’s… engaged one or more law firms  to take on these lawsuits…. on a […]

First Impressions: Are you “worthy” to have your medication filled ?

The Moments Jay Joshi The moments do not define you. They define the perception of you. The moments silence you and give your voice to someone else. When you visit the pharmacy, in that moment, you are judged by your appearance, your mannerisms, and the prescriptions you fill. The pharmacist does not know your […]

Round up App … Makes CENTS for American Pain and Disability Foundation

Roundup allows you to automatically “round up” – to the next whole dollar – any purchase to your registered credit card(s) or debit(s) card. That will be donated to   you can place a monthly max $$ that you will donate in a single month.

CDC/DEA Protest: Oct 20th Washington DC

ask to share this video made by chronic pain advocates

Pfizer Expands Recall of Anti-smoking Drug to Include All Lots

Pfizer Expands Recall of Antismoking Drug to Include All Lots Pfizer has expanded its nationwide recall of the smoking cessation drug varenicline (Chantix) to the consumer level to include all lots of the 0.5-mg and 1-mg tablets in the United States because the drug includes higher than acceptable levels of a known carcinogen. A […]

who is more unreasonable… a 2 y/o having a asthmatic attack or AA employees ?

American Airlines removes family from flight for unmasked toddler Amanda Pendarvis said her son was having an asthma attack at the time A mother and her 2-year-old son were forced to deplane an American Airlines flight on Monday after the child would not keep a mask on.  Amanda Pendarvis posted to her Instagram story that […]