Here he goes again…. promising to CURE CANCER… like he promised when he ran with Obama for second term – 8 yrs ago

Biden says once he defeats COVID, cancer is next ‘We’re gonna do everything we can to end cancer as we know it’ President Biden said Friday that ending cancer will be his next big scientific endeavor after overcoming the coronavirus pandemic.  “I want you to know that once we beat COVID, we’re gonna do […]

Science/Facts/Truth vs an AGENDA ?

those in the chronic pain community keep asking the question…. chronic pain pts and rx opiates are not the genesis of the current opiate crisis.  Opiate Rxs peaked in 2011-2012 and have been declining every year since…  Since about 2015, the DEA has lowered the Pharma’s production quota of opiates.  The DEA has forced the […]


Steve Gallion FteSptobongrunnesemlolteuarymsre d3, 2nh020f  · Short poem you won’t forget Do you recall President Obama referring to the Benghazi incident as “a bump in the road?” Recently, I heard an ex-Navy SEAL being interviewed on Fox News regarding a book he has written about how to handle crisis situations in our lives. At the end of […]

Deaths from Cancer & Cardiac issues have dropped out of top 2 reasons of death

FDA issues warning to AcelRx for making false and misleading claims about the risks and benefits of Dsuvia

FDA issues warning to AcelRx for making false and misleading claims about the risks and benefits of Dsuvia As part of the FDA’s ongoing commitment to combat inappropriate opioid use, the agency’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research has issued a warning letter to AcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AcelRx) for the false and misleading promotion of Dsuvia […]

Large chain pharmacies COMING UP SHORT on getting COVID-19 vaccinations done

Where’s The Vaccine? 2021. So far for pharmacies, it’s been a wild ride. The much-anticipated advent of the COVID vaccine(s) has spawned additional issues with rollout and availability capabilities — many of which can be tied back to misinformation, corporate territorialism, and lack of proper planning. Does anyone else hear a common PBM theme […]

We are nearly 30 TRILLION IN DEBT and the House is discussing ( H.R. 40) reparations for slavery

Steve – The House is holding a hearing today on H.R. 40 – a bill that would set up a commission to examine the institution of slavery and its impact and make recommendations for reparations to Congress. We need your help to push this critical legislation forward: Please send a message to your representative and […]

Greg Gutfeld – on our opiate crisis

Dr. Thomas Kline, MD, PhD: Medical Myths Revealed SAFE PRESCRIBING– THE GOVERNMENTS VIEW

The assumption is feckless doctors not knowing what they are doing have overprescirbed and this has caused more overdose deaths and addiction so CDC has told us what to do, to make it safe and cut down on these problems. It did not work. Deaths are up. Addiction is the same as always. But millions […]

I want it “my way”

This Burger King commercial was very popular at a time when our daughter was in early grade school… you know when a parent can “easily embarrass” kids in this age group… I use to sing along with the commercial modifying the end of the commercial  “NAKED BURGERS DON’T UPSET US !”  Every week, I get […]