Pain-Warriors – the movie -to be released May 25th – pre-order now from Amazon I just finished previewing- the long awaited and soon to be released ( May 25th)  film (pain-warriors) by Tina Petrova & Eugene Weis It is abt 80 minutes long and I normally – because of my ADD/ADHD – have trouble sitting and focusing on something that long – but I remained transfixed […]

CDC Opioid Guideline Mobile App

CDC Opioid Guideline Mobile App *MME Calculator Disclaimer: This calculator is not intended to replace clinical judgement or to guide opioid dosing for patients receiving active cancer treatment, palliative care, end-of-life care, or for patients younger than 18. The application is not intended to provide guidance on dosing of opioids as part of medication-assisted […]

Remdesivir Safety Forecast: Watch the Liver, Kidneys

Remdesivir Safety Forecast: Watch the Liver, Kidneys The adverse event profile for remdesivir as a treatment for COVID-19 remains murky, although liver and kidney risks are emerging. “Because we’re kind of moving at warp speed, the reporting on that has some unusual aspects,” noted Barbara Young, PharmD, of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists […]

The federal court system: acquittal on all counts in less than one percent of cases that are prosecuted

Government Waging War on Doctors with Prosecutorial Tricks Under the U.S. Constitution, the federal government has jurisdiction over only three crimes: treason, counterfeiting, and piracy, writes Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) General Counsel Andrew Schlafly in the summer issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. “The Founders would be shocked […]

Rick Bright, who is not a physician, knowingly and unilaterally “killed” hydroxychloroquine being prescribed for COVID-19

FDA Bureaucrat Brags He Blocked Physician Prescribing of Hydroxychloroquine in Early COVID-19 FDA Bureaucrat Brags On Blocking Physicians Prescribing Hydroxychloroqine in Early COVID-19 By Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D. How could a cheap, effective drug, FDA-approved and in use worldwide since 1955, suddenly be restricted for outpatient use by American physicians? On March 28, 2020, […]

CVS to return $43M in coronavirus stimulus payments

CVS to return $43M in coronavirus stimulus payments CVS Health announced in a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar on Tuesday that the company will return roughly $43.3 million it received in payments through the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund. “As you know, CVS Health did not solicit these funds but received […]

Faces Of Pain And The Sound Of Silence

The Chronic Pain Patient Community led by video producer Passionate Pachyderms fires it’s first shot accross the bow in their battle to regain adequate appropriate treatment for all those suffering debilitating Chronic Pain. Grab the tissues, turn up the sound, and get ready for something truly amazingly done. Each individual pictured is a Chronic/Intractable Pain […]

Being robbed at the pharmacy counter ?

Prior to 2020 our Part D prgm was Silver Scripts … and the PBM was Caremark…  and all are part of CVS Health.. Before 2020, the Part D prgms did not have a annual deductible, but in 2020 with our new Part D prgm Humana has a $435 annual deductible, and most/all Part D prgms […]


URGENTLY LOOKING FOR FORMER WALMART PHARMACISTS & PHARM TECHS Lawyers involved in the Opioid Litigation are urgently looking to get background and perspective assistance from former Walmart Pharmacists & Pharm Techs.  The questions relate to how Walmart institutionally dealt with questionable prescriptions or prescribers. It is imperative that they get the facts correct and need […]

Interesting email from our Shih Tzu’s Vet

We have used the same Vet clinic for the last 30 yrs +/-. Cuddles is our third Shih Tzu and she is now 10 y/o.  It use to be that senior dogs got ANNUAL Senior Wellness Exams, now they are pushing SEMI-ANNUAL Senior Wellness Exams and since emails or “free” as opposed to mailing at […]