When “legal liability” is more important than properly treating pts ?

When my phone rings, you never know what is going to “come to light”. Got a phone call from a pt that is being seen by a prescriber within the Franciscan Health System     The pt’s PCP has been reducing the pt’s opiates that the pt had been using for years in treating chronic pain caused […]

Legalizing Opioids Would Dramatically Reduce Overdoses

www.libertylawsite.org/liberty-forum/legalizing-opioids-would-dramatically-reduce-overdoses/#comments In his Liberty Forum essay, Robert VerBruggen argues that the dramatic increase in opioid deaths in the United States over the past two decades has resulted mainly from over-selling by pharmaceutical companies and over-prescribing by physicians and other healthcare providers. As such, he concludes that policy should further restrict access to prescription opioids, while […]

What is the “GATEWAY DRUG”… if prescribers don’t prescribe it and pharmacies don’t stock it ?

DEA: Methamphetamine bigger threat in San Antonio than opioids https://www.ksat.com/news/dea-methamphetamine-bigger-threat-in-san-antonio-than-opioids SAN ANTONIO – The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration reports methamphetamine, which is manufactured by the ton in Mexico, is pouring across the border. “In Texas, the biggest drug threat we have right now is methamphetamine,” said Will Glaspy, DEA special agent in charge of the […]

Trey Gowdy Destroys DEA: “What the Hell Do You Get to Do?”

A attorney from DOJ.. can determine if a doc is over prescribing… his education in law school ?

Let’s let Mr. Barron DOJ- The Attorney on Dr.Tennant’s case come back from Holiday Vacation with this filling his inbox……please share in all social media..everyone please take a few minutes and send this or something better:   Ben.Barron@usdoj.gov   Dear Mr. Barron, What exactly is your point in going after Dr.Tennant’s legitimate medical practice? He […]

Indiana: Help addicts recover while denying chronic pain pts adequate therapy ?

Indiana adopts plan to combat addiction http://www.agrinews-pubs.com/news/overdosed-indiana-adopts-plan-to-combat-addiction/article_39f2fa40-80e1-5583-9685-67a5759dfe4c.html INDIANAPOLIS — Opioid abuse is something that could happen to anyone. It could be as simple as a patient becoming addicted to a painkiller that was legally prescribed to them. It could be complicated — someone seeking an escape from life’s pains, even if it means breaking the […]

If Congress Cuts Entitlements In 2018, Medicare Advantage Enrollment Will Soar

https://www.forbes.com/sites/brucejapsen/2017/12/28/if-gop-cuts-entitlements-in-2018-medicare-advantage-enrollment-soars/#4a917b7b719f Talk in Washington of entitlement reform that would include reductions in Medicare spending is almost certain to give private health insurance companies a greater role in administering the nation’s health insurance program for the elderly. Medicare Advantage plans contract with the federal government to provide extra benefits and services to seniors, such as disease […]

Oops, they did it again. Indiana agency wrongly issues fines to stores selling CBD oil

https://www.indystar.com/story/news/politics/2017/12/29/oops-they-did-again-indiana-agency-wrongly-issues-fines-stores-selling-cbd-oil/987596001/ The Alcohol and Tobacco Commission wrongly issued fines to at least two stores for selling cannabidiol, or CBD oil and cbd sour gummies, accidentally clouding Gov. Eric Holcomb’s promise not take such action until the end of January.  In November, Holcomb said state excise police would resume checks for the cannabis extract after Attorney General […]

Congress To DEA: Update Schedule II Partial Fill Regulations Swiftly

www.fdalawblog.net/2017/12/congress-to-dea-update-schedule-ii-partial-fill-regulations-swiftly/ Obscured last week amidst the tumultuous passage of tax reform, Congress urged the Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”) in a bipartisan letter to quickly update its regulations and guidance on the partial filling of schedule II controlled substance prescriptions. The letter notes that “[l]arge amounts of unused medications are a key contributor” to the nationwide […]

10 Myths About the Opioid Crisis

www.painnewsnetwork.org/stories/2017/12/24/10-myths-about-the-opioid-crisis There is no shortage of false statements being made about opioids. As the overdose crisis worsens, old and debunked claims reappear, while new claims rise up alongside them. Pundits, politicians and even physicians are perpetuating them, despite all evidence to the contrary. So let’s set the record straight in order to promote an informed […]