Survey: would you BOYCOTT CVS because of new opiate dispensing policy ?

CVS Health recently announced that it will limit new opioid prescriptions for acute pain to a 7 day supply. CVS pharmacies will also require that daily doses be no higher than 90mg morphine equivalent units for both acute and chronic pain. Customers must also use immediate release formulations before extended release opioids are dispensed. This […]

PROP Founder Calls for Forced Opioid Tapering

PROP Founder Calls for Forced Opioid Tapering Have you or a loved one been harmed by being tapered off high doses of opioid pain medication? The founder of an anti-opioid activist group wants to know – or at least he posed the question during a debate about opioid tapering with colleagues on Twitter this […]

CDC Releases More Faulty Research About Opioids

CDC Releases More Faulty Research About Opioids A new study by researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that opioid overdoses have shaved two and a half months off the average life span of Americans – a somewhat misleading claim because the study does not distinguish between legally obtained prescription opioids […]

When “yes” sometimes means “yes”, sometimes means “maybe”, sometimes means “no”

Mexican cartels: ready to meet Americans’ insatiable appetite for illegal narcotics

DEA: Meth making Illinois comeback via Mexican cartels The Drug Enforcement Agency says Illinois’ meth problem is re-emerging and it’s not from domestic production. It’s coming from Mexico and one solution to combat the problem may be as simple as education. DEA St. Louis Field Division Special Agent in Charge James Shorba oversees the […]

The American Patient Defense Union — The Time Has Come!

The American Patient Defense Union — The Time Has Come! For the past 4 years I’ve been living in a crucible from hell — as a husband-turned-activist, father, surgeon and citizen. But my family is not alone — there are literally hundreds of thousands of American families every year, avoidably affected or harmed by our healthcare establishment’s ethically defunct corporate directives. […]

Nurse Fired for Refusing Flu Shot Sues Hospital, Federal and State Governments for $100,000,000

Nurse Fired for Refusing Flu Shot Sues Hospital, Federal and State Governments for $100,000,000 Health Impact News Editor Nurses all across the United States are having their Constitutional rights trampled upon for refusing mandatory flu vaccinations. As we have previously reported, thousands of nurses across the United States are taking a stand against forced […]

FDA: OK to give ADDICTS meds the DEA says are dangerous given together ?

FDA To Providers: Do Not Withhold Medication-Assisted Opioid Addiction Treatment Due To Potential Interactions FDA is updating its existing warnings on the dangers of combining addiction medications and certain anxiety and insomnia drugs to emphasize that despite the potential for potentially deadly interactions, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid addiction should not be withheld from […]

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AG Sessions: all pts using opiates are USERS ???

Sessions opioid speech keeps focus squarely on users and doctors, lets drugmakers off easy “Today we are facing the deadliest drug crisis in American history,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Thursday in West Virginia, the latest stop on his ongoing tour of places hit hardest by opioid addiction and overdose deaths. “Talk to the […]