Acetaminophen as effective as PLACEBO ?

Acetaminophen Painkillers Like Paracetamol May Be Ineffective Study Finds From article: Acetaminophen painkillers such as Paracetamol may be ineffective when it comes to healing back pain was the finding of a recent study. The pain relieving drug found in products such as Tylenol and Paracetamol, has been found not to live up to the claims that […]

LIES or failure to disclose ?

Monitoring, Dose Adjustment for Pradaxa? From the article: Blood level monitoring and dose adjustment for dabigatran (Pradaxa) could reduce major bleeding risk by 40% compared with well-controlled warfarin, according to company documents allegedly hidden from physicians and regulators An investigation by The BMJ released online in the journal concluded that “recommendations for use of […]

Does no one really want to find a solution ?

Since I have worked in a pharmacy since before BNDD came to being… I have seen the 45 year evolution of this war on drugs. Of course, back then.. there was no computers, no databases and only some of the “hard stuff”/narcotics was where the rules were focused. The first PMP did not come on […]

Last three US Presidents were “users” ?

Prohibition doesn’t work.. has never worked.. never will work…

You shouldn’t screw with an attorney’s ID !

Sewickley lawyer sues pharmacies, alleges ID theft with pills From the article: CVS and Giant Eagle pharmacies allowed other people to fill oxycodone prescriptions made out in his name and, in Giant Eagle’s case, then charged his health insurance, a local attorney says in a proposed class-action lawsuit moved to federal court on Monday. […]

Justice is BLIND – yea right !

Town of Burlington woman convicted on all counts in drug overdose death From the article: Fitzgerald, of the Town of Burlington, is accused of selling the drugs to Buchholtz that investigators contend caused his fatal overdose. Buchholtz’s body was found on Aug. 19 on the floor of his bedroom. During closing arguments on Thursday, […]

Now we are going to start “splitting hairs”

People Will Abuse Powdered Alcohol, Ohio Lawmakers Say From the article: We have powdered coffees, powdered juices, powdered soups, powdered eggs, powdered milk. Why not powdered alcohol? After all, it’s light, portable and convenient. But we’ll abuse it, two Ohio lawmakers say. Reps. Ron Gerberry, D-Austintown, and Jim Buchy, R-Greenville, introduced House Bill 594 […]

Maybe I am missing the “math” here ?

California Hospital chain fined $1.55 million for missing drugs From the article: An investigation into 20,000 tablets of prescription narcotics missing from St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Stockton has led to Dignity Health, the state’s largest hospital chain, paying a $1.55 million penalty for mishandling medications, federal prosecutors said Wednesday. As compared to … […]

Ophobias overrule common sense ?

Cancellation of only active medical marijuana study a blow to researchers From the article: Medical cannabis use is recognized legally in almost half of the states, yet getting approval to study the health benefits of the drug is harder than getting a medical marijuana license. So it was a big deal last spring when […]

“Pharmacy related web searches” this past week ending 07/20/2014

This is the web searches that showed up on my blog for the past week.. cvs pharmacy whistle.blower zohydro street value walgreens nplex can emergency room change 300.00 copay on site florida cvs pharmacy loose ability to dispense controlled drug what rite aid kid cents does the money go to cvs firing pharmacists william burdine […]