2004 DEA Opioid Prescribing Guideline”, which was determined to be illegal and withdrawn in 2005

6/7/21, former DEA Agent (2006 to 2015), Joe Rannazziai said, “ The DEA does not work directly in that Closed System, but instead provides guidance and investigates when needed.”
This “Closed System” is: physicians prescribe and pharmacies fill these prescriptions both of which are DEA LICENSED.
Rannazzisi said, “I believe that the facts should be presented in this case, because the public needs to be aware of what went on and this is my opportunity to do that.”
What went on, was the DEA had been intimidating Physicians to lower treatment under the DEA’s OWN AUTHORITY,

2004 DEA Opioid Prescribing Guideline”, which was determined to be illegal and withdrawn in 2005,

and closing legitimate Pain Clinics to lower the volume of opioids being prescribed.
The DEA were in fact, that I am a witness, actively screwing with this “Closed System”, since 2004 to lower the NUMERIC amount of treatment for ALL functionally disabled patient’s clinically determined need.
It is a boldfaced LIE for him to testify: prescribing was a “Closed System” in which they, the DEA, did not work directly” to upset balance of professionally determined need. Even in 2005, patients were forced to street drug replacement near the DEA Hquarters in DC, which is now common across the country.
The DEA alone made the assumption Physicians lowering treatment would stop the diversion and abuse, which is what has caused the overdose crisis today.
I was treated in a Clinic closed by the DEA in 2005 in a Washington DC suburb, Dulles, VA. The DEA were in fact disrupting this “Closed System”!
Once a Physician lowers treatment from DEA intimidation, the DEA claims they were OVER-TREATING, before a treatment reduction, made by that doctor.

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  1. As in similar to Nazi medical policy.
    If yes, time to act, if not too late.

  2. They are obvious, but only to a few right now…

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