Denial of care and the consequences ?

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Detroit EMT Fired After Refusing to Perform CPR on 8-Month-Old Girl

So here we have a licensed healthcare professionals refusing to provide care…  Be interesting to see if the licensing board suspends/revokes her license, if some sort of criminal charges are filed and the always possible civil lawsuit against the EMT and the city.. I can sense the attorneys CIRCLING !

A Detroit EMT has been fired after refusing to help a baby suffering a medical emergency. 

WDIV reported that Ann Marie Thomas received a call on May 30 that an 8-month-old girl had stopped breathing.

Instead of rushing to help save the infant’s life, Thomas parked the vehicle around the corner from the home. She waited six minutes before telling dispatchers that she didn’t want to help, according to an internal investigations report

“I’m not about to be on no scene 10 minutes doing CPR, you know how these families get,” Thomas reportedly told her supervisor.

The infant, who was born premature and used an oxygen machine, was eventually transported to Sinai-Grace Hospital by a different ambulance. She died the next morning. 

“The actions of EMT Thomas directly contributed to an approximately 19 minute response time (from time of call to Romeo 33 making the scene) for a baby not breathing,” the report said. 

Detroit Fire Commissioner Edsel Jenkins stated that firing Thomas was the “appropriate course of action” after reviewing all of the facts surrounding the incident.   

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  1. Don’t EMT usually work in twos? I can’t remember ever seeing just one get out of an ambulance. Yet, i haven’t read anything on what or (IF) there was another EMT on scene and what they did the whole time [?]
    Sad story.

    I think its been widely believed that 911 service is not up to par if you are among the urban poor. Lyrics include call a cab cuz it’ll come quicker…………” A song from 1990- 911 is a Joke

  2. I feel anger n sadness. It makes me wonder how many times this has happened and just not reported. Ppl we are our own best advocates. Learn Cpr and first aid because not all EMT s are capable or even willing to!!

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