Yes Virginia.. there is a Santa Claus !

Federal jury finds CVS Pharmacy in Anniston violated Age Discrimination Employment Act; awards pharmacist $400,000

“The termination document was dated August 13, 2009,” said Kenneth Haynes, who along with his sister Alicia Haynes were the attorneys representing Harris. “He was celebrating his 65th birthday at the beach. When he returned to work he was informed on August 17, 2009 of his termination.”

Over four years to get justice !!!

An attorney for CVS referred questions to a public relations official with CVS. That official could not be reached for comment early this evening.

Looks like Mike DeAngelo  is not going to be able to use his usual phrase “CVS paid a fine while admitting no wrong doing …”



Attorneys representing 66-year-old Roger Harris filed a suit against the pharmacy chain in 2011, saying Harris’ supervisor and co-workers created a workplace filled with derogatory remarks regarding the pharmacist’s age.

Harris was fired on Aug. 17, 2009, and his replacement was under the age of 40 and paid significantly less than Harris, according to court records.


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  1. Would like to see more details. Got a link to the case or settlement? A skeptical pharmacist who saw the other recent posts said first reaction is “cry baby”. Are they all cry babies?

  2. I was pleased to read of a young tech with cerebral palsy receiving .7 Million for a ADA class action suit. OK. It would have been more had not the legal eagles getting the lions share.

  3. Hope he was doing okay (no major health issues) during the four years. Good for him in not dropping the case, and thanks for passing the news along.

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