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You know that CVS is going to request any/all interactions, correspondence done by Joe since he left CVS in July 2011.

Of course, one of Joe’s suits against CVS is for ADA (American with Disabilities Act) violations…

How ironic to ask someone who is handicapped and suing you over ADA violations to gather all that documentation, as if he would have the physical energy to accomplish this daunting task..

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  1. I don’t understand them requesting this information that is after he left CVS. And, my question is, do they have a ‘right’ to it. I don’t think they do. Would a court order such a thing? And, what relevance does it have to the case? They are probably fishing to find out what Joe knows so that they can build a legal defence against it. Unless a court has ordered it, if I were Joe, I would never give them such information. It is irrelevant to his ADA case against them. So, the only imaginable reason for them to want such info is help them build a defence against his whistleblower suits.

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