Why you need to fail…


I read this today.. and saw a lot of wisdom in it… in thinking back on my career… I have often looked back on many jobs with the opinion… “.. well.. that is one more thing that I sure know how not to do  …” Some businesses, succeed in spite of how they are run and the philosophy of the owner and/or management.

I have had a successful career…but.. there has been some serious setbacks and one or two out right failures… I have managed to survive them all… although I once “bet the farm” and almost lost the farm.

I couple of years after that “little incident” my accountant told me that I was technically bankrupt.. but.. didn’t have the heart to tell me… and I was too determined to made a go of it… and too busy to notice. 12-15 yrs later.. I had did a major financial turn around. Failure is a hell of a teacher…

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