where is the chronic pain pt ?

You having problem finding the chronic pain pt in the graphic ?

Maybe it is because the vast majority of chronic pain pts chose to be “out of sight”. Hide in plain sight ?






A few days ago I shared this post  RIP: In her haunting words, she couldn’t do it anymore. “This is not survivable”

It would seem that every time that I post about someone who could not live in their uncontrollable/unmanageable pain and chose to take the final action to end their suffering…  The number of page views jump dramatically for that particular post. Often a single post will get viewed/read as many of times as the total number of pages viewed/read on a single day.

And this particular post was no different.  I also saw where this information was shared by a couple of other people on the web.  This particular post on my blog got THREE LIKES …. TWO COMMENTS .. and ZERO SHARES..

So how many people within the community is now aware that the CDC guidelines has caused one more chronic pain pt to exercise the “final solution” to get out of her torturous level of pain ?

It has been reported that – on average – 24 veterans commit SUICIDE EVERY DAY… many because the VA’s policies discourages/prohibits prescribers providing opiates to patients dealing with chronic pain. Mostly from injuries incurred while serving and protecting our country. Their names and their suicides may or may not be covered by the local media, but I have not seen any coverage by the national media.

How many chronic pain pts are dying prematurely because of under/untreated pain, causing complication with their other comorbidity issues. Hypertensive crisis, stroke and/or death.  Eye & kidney damage from elevated high blood pressure that typical blood pressure meds can get down to normal levels?

Taking high amounts of Tylenol/Acetaminophen …causing liver damage and/or high amounts of NASIDS… causing kidney damage or one of the estimated 15,000 that die every year from a GI bleed from excessive and/or long term use of this category of medications.  How many of these deaths, their death certificate would  indicate that cause of death was “opiate related death” and/or natural causes ?

How many members of a chronic pain pts family at their funeral – either from suicide or premature death – walk away just saying…” at least he/she is out of pain and at peace”  As opposed to those family members that walk away from that funeral because of a OD … just saying… “we must do everything necessary so that no other family has to experience what we have had to deal with “

Is the chronic pain pt that much of a liability to the family ?

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  1. Sad to see every one of these. After 10 years of fighting myself and trying to not give up the fight. I now have high BP and a slew of additional medical problems. Likely related to undertreated pain and problems from being pushed to get shot #1 of “the shot”, i don’t even know what to do anymore. My heart goes out to everyone else suffering. (Name changed because of ongoing work comp situation)

  2. Well, Steve, 6(!) of my patients killed them selves after losing access to my care.

    • God lord, Mark; that’s so horrible! I’d love to see Kolodny & Ballantyne & Co charged with murder.

      • In Mark’s particular case, I believe that he will say that the Medical Licensing Board in MT… is a bunch of idiots and they are still pursuing him after some 8 yrs … they can’t admit that they are wrong and the state AG would be perfectly happy if MT was a opiate desert, and after all these years… he is headed for the state Supreme Court to hopefully get his case settled. It is unfortunate that state officials can’t be held liable for “bad outcomes” of their actions and decisions. Maybe that is the reason that they can be so arrogant and irresponsible when they make decisions without considerations of potential bad outcomes. Unlike a practitioner who makes bad medical decision and a pt suffers or dies and could be charged with malpractice or pt neglect.

        • Qualified Immunity is absolute bullshit! You are spot on regarding their arrogance; all it does it provide an opportunity for the official to blatantly lie. Unlike the police videos, we don’t have videos of pain patients committing suicide or their Dr. visits where they are pleading for some sort of relief.
          I’ve been where this patient was on more than one occasion. My ER experience I was treated like a psychiatric patient even though I kept on insisting that there would be no way I would engage in a final pain solution while my mother was still alive, I wouldn’t force her to experience the pain of outliving ALL her children. They even put me in restraints in order to exacerbate my pain even though I was never violent or physically threatening, just loud about the untreated pain and the adverse ramifications of Fentanyl patches in my body.
          Then because of physician profiteering, I was forced to stay in the hospital for an additional 3 days. I guess when you tell the PD that when the time comes I’ll just have a cop end my misery, they get upset. Especially when you’re talking to an all white police force about wearing some black face and waving a toy gun – they must not have liked the facts regarding the frequency that their brethren have shown when it comes to shooting armed black men.

  3. I have noticed that it is more of the very sickest CPPs that fight the hardest. I also wonder if the poor overall effort assembled from what is TEN’S OF THOUSAND’S of pain warriors, in pain ‘groups’ on social medias, may BE that these are working from little smart phones with little screens and little keyboards and so work with little endurance and recover very little information vital to the Group efforts…
    Documents must be read, formal documents must be written, links must be accessed and comments must be made in many places.

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