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If you are a regular reader, you are well aware that I always try to look at the larger picture… and not all the pieces of the puzzle of the larger picture are not always readily “see-able”.

mrmcgoo  Congress seems to be full of a bunch of “Mr. Magoo’s”

Kennedy last night did a piece on the DOJ/FDIC’s operation “Choke Point” where they are playing their “social conscience card”… denying certain business segments the ability to get bank accounts and/or credit card vendor accounts.  Forcing some businesses to run on a “cash only basis”.

Then there is the drug wholesalers that are rationing sales of control meds to community pharmacies. Much the same “social conscience engineering” in fighting the war on drugs..  you know those mental health people with addictive personalities that our court system has determined to be criminals.

The DEA has made public statements that they are aware of the wholesalers’ rationing. Which would appear to be a violation of The Sherman Antitrust Act.. Which would suggest those in the DEA have little/no interest in the oath they took  to uphold the US Constitution.

Congress has stood by and watch law enforcement and our judicial system to abuse the “asset forfeiture” law that Congress put into place.  Where 85% of the people having their assets seized are never charged with any crime.. and they never get all of their assets back…. sometimes..  they never get any of their assets back.  Often law enforcement is violating a person’s 4th Amendment rights in order to seize their property.

Our current Attorney General (Holder) is in contempt of Congress and has resigned and it will be interesting if the Senate confirms his replacement nominee … whose district had the largest value of seized assets via asset forfeitures.

It was announced today that Federal Employees Owe IRS More Than $3.5 Billion In Back Taxes 

These are the same people that we provide a “paycheck” to every couple of weeks and we can’t easily collect -or garnish – past due taxes from these same employees.

I recently posted about the various states declaring a Pharmacist’s duty to warn about medication’s side effects they dispense does not even exists in some state and only barely exists in others… which seems to be in conflict with the DEA’s interpretation of “corresponding responsibility”

So those with chronic pain needs to understand .. that the State Board of Pharmacy are going to do nothing

The corporate pharmacies are going to do nothing

The DOJ/DEA is not going to do nothing

The Americans with Disability Act is enforced by the DOJ.. so they are not going to do anything.

The wholesalers, pharmacies and prescribers have a DEA license… BUT.. Pharmacists don’t have a DEA license..

Congress seems to have little interest in all the various laws that are being violated by the various agencies and/or people within the agencies.

All the “players” have deep pockets… EXCEPT THE PHARMACISTS…

We have seen that even after a number of investigative reporters in various markets across the country.. it has not embarrassed the chain pharmacies, it has not gotten Congress to act on the various issues with the DEA and violating the laws they are bound to uphold.

IMO.. the only paths available to those who want to keeping getting their meds or hopefully not losing getting their meds.. is get the members of Congress attention at the next election or before.. promising to remove from office those that continue to function like Mr. MaGoo  or sue the individual Pharmacists… for various issues… including denial of care, failure to meet best practices or standard of care, pt abuse, irresponsible professional negligence for starters.

Which I believe will lead to class actions against the major wholesalers and chain pharmacies and open the door for the ACLU to go after the DEA.

Sit on your hands and do nothing.. you will get nothing…



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  1. I agree with you totally which is why I write and write to Corker. But you know this is a new congress and here we are and right now we are pretty much stuck with them. They don’t care what their voters want b/c they don’t need us right now. It is sickening. I forbade my senator from even sending the auto replies to me – and to start reading and really responding instead of sending a copy of the same letter to every one who writes. At least I know why his replies don’t make sense though.

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