When reality is painful ?

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  1. The stigma that “opiates are bad” runs all the way down into most hearts. My Father died because he would not admit his sufferings were from cut-off and withdrawal, he told no one, and quickly thereafter died of madness strapped down on his hospital bed until they ‘dispatched’ him in a needless surgery. He should still be alive.

    It’s good that so many people never need to find out what opiates can be good for, but these can not become unbalanced in their thinking or fall prey to the many forms of medical misinformation, or laziness imagining they are ALWAYS ‘bad’.

    Opiates have been around a long time and we would have known by now if they were an actual ‘monster under the bed’. As Dr. Kline said; ‘they make you sleep’. They are not ‘uppers’ or are psychoactive.

    Legitimate incurable severe pain sufferers encounter OUD or overdose at a reliable and verifiable %0.6.

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